What is war ?

What is war ?

Flags of our fathers [ 2006 – War ]
Produced by : Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg.
Directed by : Clint Eastwood.

First.. I thought of writing the review in this style.

In American soil, except civil war, they never faced any external. But they are the masters in creating the war based movies. The best I can say [ from my list ] are Schindler’s list, Saving private Ryan, pearl harbour.. I just thought of adding FOF in that list and started watching. The film gave a tight slap on my face.. converted my mind to write this instead of a detailed review.

The film starts with a dialog..

“Every jackass thinks he knows what war is.. Especially those who’ve never been in. We like things nice and simple, good and evil, heroes and villains. There are plenty of both.Most of the time, they are not who we think they are ”

I am one of the j.a. who just watched a war movie. I’m not entitled to write a review on this. 🙁
The film ends with this..

“They may have fought for their country, but they died for their friends. For the man in front, for the man besides them.”

The story was told in a mix of present and war period. The narration starts from the middle of the happening instead of, from the beginning. The technique was too good and captivating. One of the good movies from Client Eastwood. I’m still wondering which of the shots are made up of CG. If it is CG, it is the best in CG history.. If it is original, still it is the best in film history.

A counter movie has been released [ Letters from Iwo Jimo – Japanese viewpoint ]. I am looking forward to watch the same.

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