Time to blow the speakers..Baby !!

Time to blow the speakers..Baby !!

It’s just another category of music. It’s not necessary that we always look for soothing melodies and it’s time for some “JING BANG” music.

1. Aathichoodi.

Film: TN07 4777
Singer : Vijay Antony, Dinesh Kanakarathnam
Music by : Vijay Antony
Choreographer : Shobi
Lyrics : Thevai illai 🙂

For a long time, I restricted myself not to see or listen for this song, due to a perception [ Effect of Nakka mukka – may be ]. Later, in a function, I heard this song in a series of peppy songs. The way you hear in a big music system changes the view. Come on.. Why should I act like I hate peppy songs ! This one was well choregraphed by Shoby with some decent movements even at the end [ funeral beats – It’s like secretly watching liril soap ad in the school days. I like it but don’t reveal it outside 🙂 ].

I like the line.. Maalu maalu maalu.. muje hindi nahi maalu.. Indha paatai kettuputtaa unaku mullaikum vaalu .. Unmai dhaanga 🙂

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxbIgzE2EV0 2

2. Daddy mummy

Film: Villu
Singer : Mamta Mohandas, Naveen Madhav.
Music by : DSP

I like Vijay’sincerity when it comes to dance. He doesn’t care much about the co-dancers. yes.. Even if it’s Khan sisters [ Mumaith Khan with her sister Zabyn Khan .. Kudumbam Vellangumm 😉 ]. You can easily visualise Prabhudeva dancing in all the steps. The opening music and the beats are perfect for a party song. Watch for the graceful [?!] steps and the beats. All these complicated dance steps are started from the telugu hero Junior NTR.

For me, even Dole dole dhaan is a better product from DSP’s [ Devi Sri Prasad] juke box.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmOTt1QJYtg – Daddy Mummy
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EXpM90E-ic – Dole Dole dhaan

3. Madai Thirandhu
Album : vallavan by Natchatra group
Singer : Yogi B, Lockup Guna, Natchatra

Yogi B is an Malaysian-Indian who has a pop group Natchatra. In their album [ Vallavan ], they have this beautiful number ‘Madai Thirandhu’.I am not a fan of remix and in fact, I oppose spoiling the original creation. [ Even engaeyum eppodhum in polladhavan didn’t attract me ] However, an exception comes to break my perception, as always. I had heard this before in FM and ignored initially. Later, when I heard this in a big pub [ B&C ] , I was fascinated towards the song. Watch this live performance of YogiB group ..I think they haven’t damaged the original. He says ‘ Super.. excellent and fantastic Balu ‘ .. Better way to respect the senior singer. 🙂


4. Hit em up style
Singer : Blu Cantrell

This is a little bit older English album song [ 2001 ]. I used to collect dance numbers during that time. I remember once a foreigner said to Vaariyaar Swamigall after listening to ‘Uruvaai aruvaai’ in his speech, ‘I don’t understand the language but it does something to me’. I say the same thing for Blu Cantrell [ Adap paavi !! ] . She got a fantastic voice perfectly matching for a dance number.

There goes the dreams we used to say (oops)

There goes the time we spent away (oops)

Ha..ha.. What a song !




  1. me too liked the song.in fact after Harris Jeyaraj, vijay Antony has the highest %age of hit songs. he spends quality time to make a song sound very sweet-"Nenjaang koottil neeye nirkiraai, penne", couple of songs in the same Nakka mukka film- 'Thozhiyaa, kadhaliya' were my favourites. even in sukran, he had given good songs.

    similarly Devi sree prasad is also a revelation.i liked his music in 'Sachin'. Villu as a film was kanravi, but music was real peppy.

    'Madai thirandhu'- i have IR's version only and i like that song a lot. so, i may be prejudiced and will not listen to the remake.I get goosepimples whenever i listen to some of IR's original songs in quality head phones/sound system(of nizhalgal, kadhal oviyam,anandhak kummi,payanangal mudivathillai,some sridhar films, some Maniratnam films….)

  2. Thanks Rajan, for your comments. I heartily agree with you on IR's music and value your opinion on remix.

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