Thirai Gaanam – 2008

திரை கான‌ம்

Let us listen to some songs for a change [ ha..ha.. DVD தீந்து போச்சா 🙂 ]. I have been collecting and listening to music for a long time. Right from my school days, I used to move with slightly elderly friends and hence I was attracted to the songs they listened that time. I remember listening to ‘Poondhaliraada’ from ‘Paneer pushpangall’, in Ungall viruppam. I remember in UKG [ yei.. Yei.. Mister.. என்ன‌ இதெல்லாம் :)‌ ], I listened to this ‘Mayile Mayile’ from ‘Kadavull amaitha medai’. Slowly, I grew with All India Radio programme on on film songs – உங்க‌ள் விருப்ப‌ம், திரை கான‌ம், ஒலிச்சித்திர‌ம், ஒரு ப‌ட‌ப் பாட‌ல், சிறுவ‌ர் சோலை, தேன்கிண்ண‌ம்.[ sometimes, Hindi songs used to come ‘aap kee parmaayeesh’ !].

I spent a lot in recording songs [ in empty 90 mins cassettes ] in my early days of my career. I had a box full of 90mins Maxell/Sony cassettes. I had a friend who owned a music shop with very rare collection. The shop was filled with LP records – I found that as a treasure.. Nandu [ Manjall veyil maalayitta poove ], Mudhal Iravu [ Manjall nilavuku indru ], Karumbu Vil [ Meen kodi theril ], Kazhugu [ Kaadhal ennum Kovil ] are some of the rare gems ! . I even recorded MNM songs in a 90 mins cassette – just for fun [ Crankx knows what is MNM 🙂 ]. I’ll recollect more in a separate blog [ இது வேற‌யா ! ] .

The only topic I am comfy and confident talking with Mysskin is Tamil film music and films [ not much on books 🙁 ]. He introduced instrumental music like Santoor [ Pt Shivkumar Sharma ] ,Ramana malai, English film soundtracks [ Braveheart ] to me.

Slowly, my music gadgets changed from Sony walkman, CD – MAN player and now it’s a ZEN mp3 player with FM Radio. Now, I have settled with FM radio [ around 9 channels in Chennai ]. The beauty of FM channel is it’s unpredictability. Suddenly, you hear the prelude of ‘Poo maalaiye’ from Pagal nilavu or the mesmerising flute start in ‘Siru Thoduthalile’ from laadam ; just like a heavy n sudden rain. In my Bangalore life, I missed this beautiful option of hearing songs in radio. After I returned to Chennai, I’m delighted to hear songs almost all the time. The best one’s are from Vairamuthu neram – in aaha FM.

This blog is about the female singers of 2008. Though I am not convinced to restrict the songs by year or by any other category, I wanted to share the frequent songs that came in FM.

1. Madhushree – Marudhani / Sakkara katti / ARR

In the outlook, it looks like a simple song. However, during the saranam, the song travels on its own way. [ Kaadhali kei nagam ellaam ] along with a wonderful rendering of ARR. The beauty of Vaali is that he doesn’t dominate the song with his poetry skills. Madhushree is a gift to music fans. Without much explanation [ rather himsai 🙂 ], try listening to this.

2. Bombay Jayashree – Yaaro manadhile / Dhaam dhoom /Harris Jayaraj

The chemistry of Bombay Jayashree in Harris’s music started way back in 2000 [ Vaseegara in Minnale ]. A trivia about Vaseegara song – it’s the only Tamil song which has the word ‘Mudivili’ – infinity. [ காத‌லெனும் முடிவிலியில் க‌டிகார‌ நேர‌ம் கிடையாதே !!].

The initial lines are sung by Singer Krish. Her voice travels in a different orbit, unexplored by the regular singers in Tamil. A real good one.

3. Swetha Mohan – Manasukkull / Anjathey /Sundar C Babu

For some people, music is in genes and a big YES for Swetha Mohan. She is the daughter of singer Sujatha. Manasukkul song comes in Anjathey for a short while, showcasing Uthra’s unexpressed love. Cool n beautiful song.

4. Sudhaa Ragunathan – Anal mele pani thuli / Vaaranam 1000 / Harris Jayaraj.

What a fantasic start for a song ! Sudha’s voice is fresh to tamil film music. Another combination of a carnatic singer, Harris and the poetic poet [ அட‌டே ! ] Thamarai. I like the lyrics of Thamarai in par with any great lyricist in Tamil. She is the sole song writer in all Gautham menon movies – right from Vaseegara days. The only restriction for me is to listen this song instead of watching the video [ Divya Spandana-vai kandaa enaku allergy ].

5. Sadhan Sargam – Mukundha Mukundha / Dasavatharam / Himesh

Just for the voice of SS.

Best duets of 2008
1. Kangall Irandaal – Belly raj/Deepa mariam – MD:James vasathan – Subramaniapuram
2. Naan varaindhu vaitha – Hariharan/Madhushree – MD:Vidyasagar – Jayamkondaan
3. En anbe – Sadhana Sargam/Benny dayal – MD:Harris – Satyam
4. Ragasiya kanavugall – Hariharan/Madhushree – MD:Harris – Bheema
5. Adiye kolluthey – Benny dayal/Krish/Shruthi hasan [ Terrific voice !!]- MD:Harris – Varanam 1000
6. Mundhinam – Naresh Iyer/Prashanthini [ Daugther of Malaysia Vasudevan ]- MD:Harris – Vaaranam 1000
7. Machaan machaan – IR / Belashinde – MD:YuvanShankar – Silambattam. Bela Shinde is also a winner from Sa re ga ma program along with another gen singer Shreya ghosal.
8. Lesaa parakudhu – Karthik/Chinmayi – MD:Selvaganesh – Vennila Kabbadi kuzhu.

Happy listening.



  1. that was another trip down memory lane, recalling the Thiraiganam just while getting ready to walk to school. the first song will linger in the mind whole day and often humming while walking to school.The sunday evening, one hour 'neengal kettavai' was an affair worth missing matinee show!i share my disappointment in not being able to listen to tamil FM songs here in bangalore.

    Hopefully next time i shall bring the laptop or an 8gb drive to copy ur collections. i still have a basket of my own selection of tamil songs of 80's and 90's in maxell, sony, tdk cassettes. in fact my wife prefers listening to songs in our sony tape recorder even now, though the tapes are old and stick to the rollers and head frequently.krishna had recorded 3 cassettes full of english songs, collection by his own selection. spent consderable time in copying from various albums, using his double deck sansui system. Phil collins, Bryan Adams were introduced by him.he is a connoiseur of english music and used to help me in comprehending the words clearly.

    ur knowledge in tamil songs and fimology is amazing. keep it up!

  2. Thanks Rajan. Krishna got a wonderful taste and he is good in English music. I'll share what I have in English – mostly 'Tharudhalai' songs like Shaggy 🙂 .

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