The LIGHT dynasty

சென்னைல‌ 2 ஆல‌ம‌ர‌ம்.. ஒண்ணு அடையார்ல‌ .. இன்னொண்ணு ஆழ்வார்பேட்டைல‌.. yes.. It is P.C.Sriram.

These are the noticeable, successful technicians [ Cameramen/Directors/others] from the school of PCSriram. Also, I have listed their noteable works for their identity.

** Late Jeeva [ Indian, Kadhalan ]
** Thiru [ Hey Ram, Lesaa Lesaa ]
** Velraj [ Asst of PC and Thiru.. Polladhavan ]
** YNMurali [ Chathriyan ]
** Chezian [ Kalloori ]
** Ramji [ Dum dum dum, Raam, Paruthi veeran ]
** SR Kathir [ Asst of Ramji.. Subramaniapuram, Katradhu Thamizh ]
** MSPrabhu [ Mahanadhi, Thavamaai thavamirundhu ]
** Aravind Krishna [ Pudhupettai, Kadhal konden ]
** KV Anand [ Kadhal desam, Sivaji ]
** Mahesh Muthuswamy [ Chithiram pesudhadi, Anjaathey ]
** Dwarakanath [ Autograph, Mayak kannadi ]
** D.Ramesh babu [ Veede – Telugu ]
** Arjun Jenna [ Kaadhal virus ]
** Preetha [ Abiyum naanum – Lady ]
** Fowzia [ Mitr – Lady ]
** Michael Earnest [ Visual effects supervisor ]

Sabu James, Andrew and Vincent are the other cinematographers, I got apart from this incomplete list. I am afraid of digging it further and stopped. Instead, I started wondering about the master cinematographer, worked and influenced numerous assistants/technicians in the industry. He worked for almost 30 films and directed 3 films in his career. The number of successful assistants are more than his number of films, I guess :).

P.C.Sriram is the first technician whom I saw on screen, getting applause [ I applauded while watching ‘Idhaiyathai Thirudadhe‘ ].

He neither had a colorful academic education nor had guidance from the industry. The closest connection with cinema is that he stayed close to Venus studios. His whole world changed after he joined the Chennai film institute. After the institute life, at first, he shot a 16mm film with his friends and nobody knows the whereabouts of the film. The first official offer he got, was from Pratap bothan for ‘Meendum oru kaadhal kadhai‘ [ Remember Gaapi & Sarasu; Adhikaalai nerame song ] and they shot it for 2 years [1984-86.. loosely based on the backdrop of ‘One flew over cuckoo’s nest’ ]. Then came the offer from Fazil for ‘Poove poochoodava‘ [ 1985].

The greatest chemistry happened then in 1986 when Mani Sir’s ‘Mouna raagam‘ brought both together and the rest is history. Both the technicians are legendary and influenced the film world but they assisted nobody.
Alfredo shared to Toto that he couldn’t beleive that one can quickly learn cinematography by assisting somebody and come out as a cameraman. I don’t know but it happened.
Do you know the cameraman of ‘ Pallavi anu pallavi‘, first film of Mani Sir ? It’s Balu Mahendra. Also, give a try to find the cameramen for Pagal Nilavu and Idhayak kovil.. You’ll get a trivia there 🙂


  1. I think PC Sreeram’s first fil was with Mouli team in “Poruththam”, a comedy movie released in mid 1985.

    I liked Madhu Ambat’s work in ‘ANJALI’.Santosh sivan was also too good in the few films i watched.

    Ashok kumar was a senior techie and one of the earliest to use lights effectively.

    Jeeva was really impressive.
    Thiru,Ravi K chandran and Muthukumar are the most in demand cameramen apart from KV Anand in Bollywood.

    Sabapathy(many Manivannan films) was perhaps one of the first few cameramen who drew applause during the title.

    of course Balu Mahendra is a genius and has also given some wonderful films.

    Coming to think of it, I think Suhasini started her career in films as an assistant Camerawoman!Vijayalakshmi, daughter of yesteryears great BR Bandhulu was one of the few camerawomen who did more than 2 films in Tamil.

    most of the Assistant Directors resemble ‘Kanjikku seththavanga” while the assistant cameramen are always quite posh, in modern dress, stylish.., get paid well.

  2. Thanks Rajan for the wonderful notes.. In fact it has become the part II of the blog :). Porutham’s cameraman was Devi Prasad. Suhashini was a senior to BRV in Ashokkumar’s team. Adhu sari.. Muthukumar yaarunga ?

  3. may be i have mixed up Manikandan and Muthu kumar.
    Muthu kumar was PC Sreeram’s assistant. he was sacked after he and another assistant bypassed an ad film from a client . i think Manikandan is the popular cameraman busy in hindhi(Farha and this guy had lot of arguments in SRK films).i think his wife is tamil TV ‘s first celebrity anchor-Priya.

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