Video Cassette days

ஊராட்சியும் மாந‌க‌ராட்சியும்   Due to enormous emails and requests from friends [ ப‌ச்சைப் பொய்.. ஒரே ஒருத்த‌ன் தான் கேட்டான் 🙂 ], I share about the video experiences during the school days. My school days were of mixed experiences – ranging from a town to city. I have had the opportunity of watching street plays, Mahabharatham oration [ 18 days – க‌ர்ண‌ மோட்ச‌ம் கேட்டா சில‌ருக்கு ‘சாமி’ வ‌ந்துடும்..]. Of course, the all time