S(pectacular) P(eppy) Balu

S pectacular P eppy B alu.

Sometimes, pleasant surprises come in FM channels. The beauty is the unpredictability of the songs. Of late, I heard these 3 songs in FM and thought of sharing. SPB songs are like a party – The basic rule is ‘NO RULES’. There are so many songs in his name to talk all about in our life time. Apart from the melody area, I came across these most peppy numbers and highly energetic songs of him. It can’t be reproduced at all, immaterial of the number of times, we hear it. It’s like Sujatha started guiding the readers to write a short-story. However, we just end up in enjoying his work rather than reproducing or analyzing it.

The common piece in these songs are trumpet [ Mandram vandha thendral ].

1. Senorite I love you

Film : Johnny/IR

Normally, IR tries to keep the singers within the boundary and there are songs wherein he relaxes the rule. One such number is Senorita. It’s a western style peppy [intermediate level] song. The preludes/interludes have the regular violin features of IR. On the lighter side, I think it’s really difficult to control SPB, to get what IR wants 🙂 [ he has his own way ]. It’s like looking back an unusual n mischievous friend’s group photo after a long time. Still, IR dominates with his extraordinary ‘violin talks’ in the 2nd interlude.

As he sings..

எங்கெங்கோ செல்லுதே
என் நெஞ்சை அள்ளுதே..

2. Kavithai padu kuyile

Film : Thendrale ennai thodu/IR

I like this peppy song for its masculine voice [ Kaatru en pakkam veesumbodhu ] and the joy in the song. The lyrics was just filler for this fast number with percussion [ something like ‘Bogi’ molam 🙂 ]. The preludes are more enjoyable. Though the tune is slow [ with light percussion ] the impressive and stressed pronunciations of SPB [ ஒளி வீசும் ந‌ட்ச‌த்திர‌ம் ] makes this song a sweet one. I couldn’t resist imagining Mike Mohan with his shaky steps for this foot tapping number.

3. Appappa Thithikkum uthan mutham

Film : Japanil Kalyanaraman/IR

The best in this small list. I cannot add this song just one more western song from IR. I could imagine something like this.. Before the recording, IR went out on a call and by the time he returned back SPB did the recording of this song. It’s purely a SPB song, apart from the music arrangements of IR. It shows the extreme attachment of the singer to the song even if they might have recorded at odd hours of a day, in a busy schedule. Verve, peppy, freaky song. I always wonder how he could laugh and song simultaneously [ like “மேன‌கை என் நாட்டிய‌ம் பார்த்த‌தால் ம‌றைந்தாள் .. அஹ்ஹா” – remember எரியும் விள‌க்கு “சிரித்து” க‌ண்க‌ள் மூடும்]. Interestingly, the background beat is used in “Rambumpum aarambam” in MMKR and the initial [ pabapapaa humming in Kavithai paadu kuyile. ]

Enormously energetic song. However, when I watched this movie in those days, Kamal’s onscreen romance and “silmishangall” overtook the song 🙂

This is neither the complete list of SPB peppy songs nor the list of tamil songs with brass instruments. Just some seashells in the beach of Tamil film music.



  1. My favorite is "En vazhvile varum anbe vaa…" from thambikku entha ooru….takes me into a dream like state..


  2. Hello Toto,
    Thanks for this posting. I guess if we start discussing peppy SPB songs it will go for years. In my opinion he adds life to the songs and I really doubt if he has sung any songs without enjoying that.
    I came across some of my all time favourites "Look Love me dear.. Lovely color" from the movie 'Simla's special' and "Thalaiyai kuniyum thamariye", I enjoyed them line by line. He lifts even the underrated songs like "Semmari aade Semmari aade" from one of Vijayakanth's movie and "Thavani Kanavukal's – Sengamalam Sirikuthu" with his giggles.

    You rightly said Spectacular Peppy Balasubramaniam.


  3. Thanks Kathir. En vaazvile is the only Rajini song taken from another kamal film [ Sadma – hindi ]. I love to see the variety of songs we have.

  4. Thanks Srikanth. You are right. These are just some random songs, which we don't listen regularly but alive in our minds. "Thalaiyai kuniyum thamaraiye" was a fabulous number. I wonder how he can imagine a song and enjoy, without having the visuals. That's the beauty of having the passion as profession.

  5. Visu, i am not sure whether non celebrities are allowed to participate in the 'padalaam vaanga' program hosted by Anuradha sreeram, in Jaya or Vijay TV.Its a good program, they challenge u based on missing lyrics.i am sure u r as a good a singer as they can get with lyrics Gnanam!so, give it a try.have Venkat as telefone help and some one from ur film circle as spot friend to assist u. You have a very good memory of tamil songs/cinema.u have a good chance…to win at least 4 rounds!

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