Sana khan onnu.. Saranya Mohan onnu.

1. Sana Khan.
Film : Inside man – 2006. Thriller.
Directed by : Spike Lee
Cast : Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie foster.

Plot :

A group of robbers dressed as painters enter a bank with a master plan to rob the Manhattan bank. Cops round up the bank. Bank owner is not concerned about the money but something else worries him. He hires a high-profile negotiator. She interacts with the robber and tries a deal, which fails. Good cop gets a chance to get in to he bank and finds the robbers aren’t killers. Finally after detonating smoke bombs, the entire crowd including the robbers come out. Cops couldn’t arrest the robbers Why ? Nobody is injured . no money is looted. Cops get confused about the actual robbery. What happened then ?

View :

I ve seen movies that grab my attention in 10th minute, in an argument, in a murder, even in title.. This movie grabbed my attention right from Universal pictures logo [ U ve a surprise there ! ]. Dalton Russell speaks up in the beginning in a cell kind of place.. ‘My name is strict attn to what I say and i never repeat myself. I already said my name.. I plan to execute a perfect bank robbery’ [ I forgot his name by then 🙂 ]. Script asks the viewer to pay attention to the minute details right from the beginning. I was thinking through out the movie [ a good movie does ] about the happenings in the movie.

The script uses maximum intelligence to execute this operation and walk out with minimum fight.The casting is in fact is too rich. They use Jodie foster for a small role. Clive Owen masks his face most of the time. Denzel does some stylish acting in this movie. [ one of the finest actors in hollywood]. The movie was finished in just 39 days. Director Spike Lee uses every possible factor into consideration. [ even the sticker in the paint van has a meaning ]. In fact, the title is the most apt one for this script. A good film starts right from the first shot – this one does with a painter getting into a van. I liked the titling sequences too.
A fine treat to watch it on a Friday in home theatre.

2. Saranya Mohan

The Painted veil – 2006. Drama.
Directed by : John Curran
Cast : Edward Norton, Naomi watts [ they are the producers too ]

Plot :

The story is based on a novel written by Somerset. Novel -1925, 1st movie – 1934 ]. The story is set in 1920s.. A girl [ Watts ] gets in to an arranged marriage [no love !] with Norton [ SME in bacteriology ]. They don’t have common interests. Watts tries a new relationship – Knowing this Norton doesn’t question her but takes her to interior China for his project – doing research in an area affected by Cholera. Unwillingly Watts accompany him.

They are accompanied by another British admin. and the local Chinese military asks the British crew to move away. Local people believe cholera as a curse.. Norton works hard with analysing cholera where as his bored wife watts works with an orphanage run by nuns. Life changes in that remote place.. View : I experienced watching this movie similar to reading a poem. Especially the music.. The locations are exotic – remote villages in China. Look for an enchanting visual portrayal of the movie. The initial shots explain the couple are unhappy.. just their intro.. [ they stand in a crossroad facing opp directions ] A marriage with no love [ even an adultery happens ] and they don’t even talk. A transformation happens throughout the film. The conversations [ doesn’t look like written dialogues ] are crisp and even the silence/natural sounds works out in many places. I like the scene where she wants to convey a good news but confused n cries afterwards. I liked the supporting actor’s part and also the best part in the movie was casting. A good movie always have the right cast, excellent photography and wonderful music. This movie has everything. The way the story ends is awesome. It was an emotional journey with stunning visuals and soothing score.

Film trivia..

Ever wondered, the additional suffix of the camera man.. ASC, ISC, BSC, CSC .. They are American/Indian/British/Canadian Society of Cinematographers. Similarly, British society and Indian society.. Editors have something like ACE.

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