Roman(tic) Holiday

Roman(tic) Holiday [ Titling – konjam improve aagi irukke ! ]

Sometimes, you need a no nonsense and feel good movie for entertainment. Just a story without any villain,family :),children,major issues, twists, medical problems, guns [ Sigh..ha…] and of course the elements of a regular cinema. Can a BW movie made in 1953 entertain toto now ? Can it make the viewer to laugh ? Can it make the viewer to look for uniting the lead pair ? Can a romantic movie be taken as a thriller ? This movie does all of them.

Roman Holiday – 1953, Romantic Comedy.
Directed by : William Wyler.
Cast : Gregory Peck, Audrey hebbern [ Ahaa ].
The story is simple. A princess named Ann tours Europe and visits the capital cities. It’s a typical tiresome, gloomy royal family routine. She wants a simple life where in she can decide what she wears, what she eats and where she roams. She has a list of small wishes [ Like our Sundarapandiyapuram Roja 🙂 ]. The princess escapes from the palace, changes identity (slightly) and has fun for a complete day. During the escape she meets Joe. Our hero Joe is a press reporter who enjoys the day with her with the intention of getting a cover story about the princess. They both mask their identities mutually. What happens at the end of the day ? Did the palace officials find her ? What happens to Joe’s secret work of getting her interview and photos ? [ too many questions man.. like in paatu book 🙂 ].

View :

The dreary opening sequence tells you that it is not going to be the same, soon. The script is too good to have perfect incidents that match and takes the flow. Enough time is given for any incident to happen. For ex Joe knows that she is a princess after he reads the newspaper. The way the story unfolds is very casual. They develop a chemistry [ idhu illamala ! ] towards their disjoint.

Every single character has a neat role to play. The barber, photographer, editor, house owner etc., I liked the simple characters, story and the interesting screenplay. Surprisingly, it’s a 2 hrs movie. Ann’s reactions in Joe’s apartment is funny. [ in a sleepy state, she enters the small apartment and asks whether it is an elevator ?! ]. All the small factors are considered during the climax [ even the photos they take ! ].

How about ARR scoring for Roman holiday ? It has happened .. of course, a crap director [?!! ]directed a junk movie called ‘May Madham‘ which is a carbon copy of roman holiday. End of the day, tamil film viewers are left with some fantastic songs of ARR [ Minnale, Margazi poove ].

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