Random Access Memory — 1

Random Access Memory — 1



The tamil ver­sion of Mag­a­d­heera has run equally well in the con­text of a tel­ugu dub­bing film. This once again proves the power of a good film. The good out­come is that this film is saved from a Tamil remake. Remakes and sequels will come out good in very rare cases [ excep­tion­als like the Dark Knight ]. This is one of our fam­ily movies where in all the chil­dren and pther rel­a­tives watch this movie when­ever they are free [ in spite of their lack of Tel­ugu knowledge ].

Dheiva Thiru­ma­gal [ pre­vi­ously magan ]

To share the back­ground of the direc­tor AL Vijay, he worked as an assis­tant of Malay­alam direc­tor Priyadar­shan and started his films. His first film itself is a remake of his Guru’s film “Kiree­dom” from Malay­alam. Then came Poi solla porom and madaras­ap­at­ti­nam. They were not orig­i­nals again. His 4th film is Dheiva Thiru­ma­gan looks directly like I am Sam. On top of it, ALVi­jay is con­sid­ered as a new age and promis­ing direc­tor.  It’s going to be good because of Nirav Shah and GVP [ lost hope in Vikram long back ].  My inten­tion is not to defame Vijay but the way fans/media approach a direc­tor. But think about what has hap­pened to Mysskin ?!

Yuththam Sei was strongly expected as copy of “Sym­pa­thy of Lady vengeance” and nobody came forward/claimed that their pre­dic­tion was wrong, after the movie actu­ally released. All of the Mysskin films did rea­son­ably well in the box office despite of their low bud­get con­straints except Nan­dalala. Then I under­stood the logic of media approach­ing the direc­tor as an ini­di­vid­ual per­son rather than a cre­ator. Media is happy to get inter­views like direc­tors Hari / Perarasu [ ப‌ர‌ ப‌ர‌ன்னு ப‌ர‌ப‌ர‌ப்பா ஒரு மாஸ் ப‌ட‌ம் ப‌ண்ணியிருக்கோம் பாஸ் 🙂 ].

Cur­renlty, Mysskin tried hard his luck in Hindi and returned to join hands with Jeeva for Mug­amoodi. Let me hope at least this works out well.

Aaranya Gaan­dam once more


I was think­ing of this film very much since I watched this movie first time in PVR. Then I down­loaded the movie where in the “loosu koo” scenes were cut. I couldn’t con­trol my inter­est and watched it once again in 6 degrees [ Sathyam cin­e­mas ]. Noth­ing comes close to watch­ing this in a the­atre. I was lucky to see no repeat audi­ence were there to tell the story from back seat or the spoil­ers [ இப்போ டோர் தெற‌ந்தா அங்க‌ என்னா இருக்கும் பாரேன்.. 🙂 kind of].

PC Sri­ram once said that “In our Indian con­di­tions, every­thing is not soft and beau­ti­ful” and added that nobody has cap­tured the murkines what we have in our real life [ Naya­gan & The­var Magan had brown tone ]. In my opin­ion, PSVinod has cap­tured the murk­i­ness, brown tones to a great extent in AK.

I noticed few good things in the 2nd time. Gajen­dran and Gajap­a­thy come in a scor­pio which has G & G :). Also, every scene ends with a min­i­mum sur­prise and it’s revealed in the next shot [ அது என்னான்ற‌தை அடுத்த‌ ஸீன்ல‌ தான் சொல்றோம் ]. Ex : Kaalaiyan and his son escape from a place and stops stun­ningly in the road by see­ing some­thing. What they see is a PCO phone. Pasu­pa­thy looses his money and get­ting chased. To get more money he takes out his gold wrist chain. The cock fight resem­bles the movie 13 [ French — another inter­st­ing movie to watch with­out know­ing any­thing about the movie ].  All of them come and go in a spark. Of course, the dia­logues.. Peo­ple were engaged through out the movie — They laughed, sur­prised, shocked, bored, con­fused as expected in the script. It was dreary to watch the Subbu/Sappai scenes initially.

I remem­ber Ila­yaraja chal­leng­ing about Azha­gar samiyin Kud­hi­rai that he’ll see that every­one is going to weep by the BGM work.  I wept not because of his BGM but due his cur­rent sta­tus [ he got a film in Marathi now ! ]. But his son has done won­ders in the BGM of Aaranya Gaan­dam. I hope SP Cha­ran will get his money back in Hindi rights and not to waste his energy in lob­by­ing for national awards.  I know what hap­pened to Agathiyan the first Tamil direc­tor to win a national award, how shock­ing [ even for Dhanush him­self 🙂 ] when he was announced the national award, how bor­ing to repeat the national award for Vaira­muthu [ Thama­rai, Na.Muthukumar are equally doing well ].

I sin­cerely wish Thiya­gara­jan Kumararaja not to talk about world cin­ema, books, script writ­ing, music knowledge,assistant direc­tors and his cin­ema knowl­edge. He is good in inter­views and answers very brief. He can learn from Mysskin how not to inter­act with media.


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