A Few Good men - Courtroom drama

A FEW GOOD MEN – 1992/Courtroom drama based on a play.Directed by :Rob ReinerCast : Jack Nicholson, Tom cruise, Demi moore,Kevin Bacon [ Truly Star studded ! ] Sometimes, I wonder about the variety of films, a director could have in his career. Rob reiner is a jovial guy who directed 2 top-10 featured romantic comedies [ When Harry met sally, sleepless in Seattle ] also worked with the finest

Sana khan onnu.. Saranya Mohan onnu.

1. Sana Khan.Film : Inside man – 2006. Thriller.Directed by : Spike LeeCast : Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie foster. Plot : A group of robbers dressed as painters enter a bank with a master plan to rob the Manhattan bank. Cops round up the bank. Bank owner is not concerned about the money but something else worries him. He hires a high-profile negotiator. She interacts with the robber and

No Knowledge is useless : even forgery !

No Knowledge is useless : even forgery ! [ enna dhairiyathula nee title elllaam vaikara !! ] The counterfeiters [ 2007 – Drama / German ] Directed by : Stefan Ruzowitzky. Plot: It’s a fictional flick based on ‘Operation Bernhard’**. The film opens with a Jewish counterfeiter [ SME named Salomon – Sal] spending n enjoying life in Monte Carlo. He builds relation with a new girl and she finds