Nuovo Cinema Paradiso - My hometown theatres.

I wanted to rebuild what the cinema hall used to be once; a sacred place where people used to know each other, to spend time together, to smile, and dream – Director Giuseppe Tornatore. I started watching films in my school days at an above average level. I watch any kind of cinema starting from Telugu dubbing Chiranjeevi movies, MRRAdha’s classic ‘Rathak kaneer’ to ‘Schindlers list’. But I had the

Kadhal - Film in a song's budget

ஒரு ந‌ல்ல‌ திரைப்ப‌ட‌ம் முடிந்த‌வுட‌ன் துவ‌ங்குகிற‌து ‍ ‍‍: ஒளிப்ப‌திவாள‌ர் செழிய‌ன். Do you know why Tamil kings built temple ? [ Review-la engadaa King-um Temple-um 🙂 ] One Discovery channel video of South Indian temples stated that Kings built temple to repent their sins of killing 1000s of people in the name of war and thus avoiding reincarnation. Shankar repented his sins of making stereotyped robin hood movies by producing his films

Visual poem - In the mood for love

தனிமை.. த‌விப்பு.. த‌ய‌க்க‌ம் Can anyone be able to express freely to the other person honestly ? We have so many filters, we rehearse the dialog before we let it out. There are very few places that we let out whatever that comes to our mind like close friend, in prayer etc., Once Kamalhassan said that he likes the Villain character in any story because he is honest – if he

Ameer Sultan's Saga - Paruthi Veeran.

Paruthiveeran received 2 national awards. One for actor Priyamani and other one is ? The scope of a film is determined by the impact it makes on us. Most of the movies continue the impact for one night and then diminishes slowly. Very few movies make a lasting impact and make Toto to think for a longer time. One such brilliant piece is Paruthiveeran. Everyone knows about the story and

The LIGHT dynasty

சென்னைல‌ 2 ஆல‌ம‌ர‌ம்.. ஒண்ணு அடையார்ல‌ .. இன்னொண்ணு ஆழ்வார்பேட்டைல‌.. yes.. It is P.C.Sriram. These are the noticeable, successful technicians [ Cameramen/Directors/others] from the school of PCSriram. Also, I have listed their noteable works for their identity. ** Late Jeeva [ Indian, Kadhalan ]** Thiru [ Hey Ram, Lesaa Lesaa ]** Velraj [ Asst of PC and Thiru.. Polladhavan ]** YNMurali [ Chathriyan ]** Chezian [ Kalloori ]** Ramji [ Dum dum

From Mao to Mozart - Musical journey

“Music is not just black and white. Music is every color and some that even painters don’t have.”– Isaac Stern, Violinist/Music teacher. We know the cultural differences between western countries and China. People of these 2 countries cannot come together with any of their qualities, language and culture. But one thing can easily fill up the gap and that is MUSIC. In 1979, Isaac Stern and his pianist friend made

Maestros in celluloid - Themes.

I would like to register some thoughts on the theme music tracks, which made an unforgettable impact on me. 1. Kikujiro / Music : Joe Hisaishi / Director : Takeshi Kitano. It’s an enchanting piano piece. The movie is all about a kid and his friend travelling to find his mother. The kid receives unconditional love from the people he meets on his journey. The peppy part of the music

Memoirs of a geisha - Colourful visual.

“A story like mine should never be told. For my world is  as forbidden as it is fragile. Without its mysteries it cannot survive. I certainly wasn’t born to the life of a geisha. Like so much in my strange life, I was carried there by the current. ” Who is a Geisha ? [ Trisha illeenga 🙂 ]. Geisha means artist or a performing artist. We have very limited knowledge

Few grams from the gold mine

Toto’s first post on film music. [ Click the above drawing to see the actual size ]. 1. What did IR’s father named him as ?2. Could you guess the early work of ARR as a keyboard player with IR ? – Answers at the end. – Mayile Mayile – First time, IR experimented mixing a carnatic raga and a folk tune. This song is based on a carnatic raga

Nallasivamum Krishnaswamyum

Sometimes trivia happens.. sometimes it is made.. That’s the freedom of the viewer to interpret things in his own way. Nallasivam [ Kamal’s name in Anbe Sivam ] – Can you identify which earlier script of Kamal, had the names Nallasivam and Anbarasan, apart from ‘Anbe Sivam’ ? .. Answer at the end of this trivia collection. – The power glass kamal wears has +10 points with which he can’t