Time to blow the speakers..Baby !!

Time to blow the speakers..Baby !! It’s just another category of music. It’s not necessary that we always look for soothing melodies and it’s time for some “JING BANG” music. 1. Aathichoodi. Film: TN07 4777Singer : Vijay Antony, Dinesh KanakarathnamMusic by : Vijay AntonyChoreographer : ShobiLyrics : Thevai illai 🙂 For a long time, I restricted myself not to see or listen for this song, due to a perception [

Thalainagaram Engall Subramaniapuram

ஒரு ந‌ட்பு .. ஒரு காத‌ல்.. சில‌ துரோக‌ங்க‌ள். In 1985, 3 different films of great directors came simultaneously with surprisingly the same story line – A middle aged man’s extra-marital friendship with another girl. Sindhu bhairavi [ Nov-11-1985 : KB ], Mudhal mariyaadhai [ Jan-01-1985 : BR ] and Chinna veedu [ Nov-11-1985 : Bhagyaraj ]. The difference is how they worked out the script and visualized the story. Similarly, Pithamagan,

Gilly of Gully :)

Fine entertainment from the Sharks and Rockers teams. When did you laugh out loud while watching a movie ? If you can’t remember, just watch this movie, even if you have watched it already. Luckily, in Tamil cinema industry, we have so many good films based on humour. One such gem is ‘Chennai – 600028’. I still wonder the guts of Venkat prabhu and SPCharan to convince SPB to produce

No Man's Land - Universal issue.

No man’s land. ” The war was never a good subject for a feature film. But frankly, my deepest opinion is it’s not the subject that matters, it’s the way you treat the subject that matters.” – Director Danis Tanovic. History always have specific pieces of land in dispute, where in two countries/states claim the ownership. There are so many examples like Kashmir, Kachatheevu, Sikkim, Belgaum [ inter states ].

Kikujiro - A touching travel.

Kikujiro na natsu [ Summer of Kikujiro ] Play this music in the background while reading this blog [ Oru effect dhaan ! ]. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa0JAvjx05c ” After ‘Hana-Bi’, I couldn’t help feeling that my films were being stereotyped: So I decided to try and make a film no one would expect from me ” – Takeshi Kitano. Once a creator reaches this idea, the next project would be one of

Paradise now & RONIN.

RUSH Films.Endorphin rush – PARADISE NOW. Of late, I came across the term ‘Endorphin rush’, which is induced by physical exercise and it leads to the state ‘sense of accomplishment’. Why do I attach endorphin rush to a film ? [ ippadi dhideernu kettaa eppadinga.. Eppadiyum link panniduven 🙂 ]. Though I am film freak, I used to know about history/life. more through films. ‘Hotel Rwanda’ showed me the recent

The Killing.. Shining.. Thrilling.

Shining Stanley.. Killing Kubrick [ What a sensational title 🙂 ] If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed. – Stanley Kubrick The Killing/1956/Action-thrillerPhotographed and directed by : Stanley Kubrick. To introduce Stanley Kubrick [ SK ], Quentin Tarantino is a great fan of SK [ Suththam 🙂 ]. The killing is a film about a big plan connected with a busy race-track on a specific day..

Uthirip Pookall - Bloomed only once !

“If I get anywhere near what Mahendran sir did in Uthirip pookkall, I’ll be a happy man.” – Director Manirathnam. There are 2 types of directors. Director and director of directors. Tamil film industry possesses the richest chain of great directors. There are few who are predominantly portrayed in this category, starting from Sridhar to Ameer. Mahendran is one such GEM in the industry. If literary works are properly used,

Adadaa vaa asathalaam - New good songs

1. Oru Vetkam varudheFilm : PasangaSingers : Naresh Iyer/Shreya GoshalMD : James Vasanthan The song starts with the James’s choir brand [:) ] and flows fluidly. The song slightly touches the humming in thendral vandhu ennai thodum song [ Tharadhath tharadhaa ] and Hishaisi’s piano from Kikujiro [ Nallaa dhanadaa irundhe ! ]. The voices are fantastic in this song. I admire lyrics of Thamarai – a true n fabulous