Double indemnity - Insurance crime

Double indemnity A claims man, is a doctor and a blood-hound and a cop and a judge and a jury and a father confessor, all in one. – Barton Keyes. I coorelate the experience of watching a thriller as standing in the doorway of an express train. And, I can equate the twists in a thriller equal to the passing bridges. It’s thrill! The two most inconvincible professionals are tax

Thirai Gaanam - 2008

திரை கான‌ம் Let us listen to some songs for a change [ ha..ha.. DVD தீந்து போச்சா 🙂 ]. I have been collecting and listening to music for a long time. Right from my school days, I used to move with slightly elderly friends and hence I was attracted to the songs they listened that time. I remember listening to ‘Poondhaliraada’ from ‘Paneer pushpangall’, in Ungall viruppam. I remember in UKG

Chennai - 600029.

Daily 4 shows – II [ Chennai : 600029 ]. This post is dedicated to Kathirvel – my only friend from ‘Arumbakkam’ area. The period is set between 1981-85 [ 1st to 5th std – Skipped 2nd std – double promotion 🙂 ]. I was taken [ obviously ! ] by one or the other senior at home. Everyone had their own way of watching movies. My father used to

Daily 4 shows

தின‌ச‌ரி 4 காட்சிக‌ள் Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater – Roman Polanski Disclaimer:This is definitely not an autobiography to test your patience [ ச‌த்திய‌ சோத‌னை ‍ – ப‌டிக்க‌ற‌வ‌ங்க‌ளுக்கு 🙂 ]. Just registering my thoughts about my hometown theatres. Gents, Ladies, bench, chair, balcony, fire, exit, projection room, காலைக்காட்சி, இப்ப‌ட‌ம் இன்றே க‌டைசி,வ‌ருகிற‌து, வெற்றிக‌ர‌மான‌ இர‌ண்டாவ‌து வார‌ம்– All these words resemble my glorious movie days. The movie experience

List of thrillers.

List of must-watch thrillers from my DVD collections. The easiest category of movies to watch is Action/Thriller. I started collecting DVDs when STAR MOVIES aired the entire series of Bond movies [ it was promoting Casino Royale then]. That’s where I started my DVD list. Then the Hitchcock movies fascinated me, which I was under a wrong impression that old movies weren’t so interesting. I am delighted to watch fast

Hide and seek - Catch me if you can.

Dad : டேய் சிகாம‌ணி.. நீ ஒரு எஞ்சினிய‌ரா, டாக்ட‌ரா, வ‌க்கீலா வ‌ருவென்னெல்லாம் க‌ன‌வு க‌ண்டேனேடா.. நீ இப்ப‌டி இருக்கியேடா.Son : உன‌க்கு அறிவே இல்ல‌ப்பா.. ஒரே ஆள் எப்ப‌டி எஞ்சினிய‌ரா, டாக்ட‌ரா, வ‌க்கீலா வ‌ர‌ முடியும். This might not have been possible for Sigaamani but Frank William Abagnale Jr made it happen in 1960s. You must be interested in what he did and of course, how. Based on his real life, a film was made and the name is

Reel rewind - Classics.

Reel rewind – Classics series. It was a bright Sunday afternoon in the early 90s..[ க‌தை சொல்ராறாமாம் 🙂 ] In Doordarshan, after the 1.15PM news for challenged, I was waiting for the national award movie [ Even the newspaper TV schedule shows just as regional film without the title – nobody knows till the film is screened ]. Surprisingly, there was an interview before this movie. The interviewer was Srividya

POO - Memoirs of Mari.

ந‌ம்முடைய‌ க‌தைக்க‌ள‌ம் பிர‌ப‌ல‌ ந‌டிக‌ர்க‌ளை விடுத்து, ந‌க‌ர‌த்தின் பிர‌ம்மாண்ட‌ம் விடுத்து வாழ்க்கையின் எதார்த்த‌ம் தேடிப் போகும்போது தான் தமிழின் அச‌லான‌ திரைப்ப‌ட‌ம் தோன்றும். -‍ “பேசும் ப‌ட‌ம்” செழிய‌ன். None of the 5 star hotels will be able to reproduce the simple irani chai what we have in a simple tea stall [ புத்தி போகுதா பாரு ]. Similarly, a simple movie does the biggest magic, what multi-crore budget movies fail to do. ந‌ல்ல‌ சினிமா த‌ரும் ச‌ந்தோஷ‌மே த‌னி. People

Coming next - Poo,

பூ .. என்ன‌ ப‌ட‌ங்க‌ !! அன்புள்ள‌ …. ….. இதுக்கு மேல‌ என்னால‌ எழுத‌ முடிய‌ல‌. எழுத‌வே முடிய‌ல‌.. நீ ந‌ல்லா இருக்கனும்..அவ்ளோ தான். – மாரிய‌ம்மா. This is one of the best ever written letters in fiction. I am speechless thinking about the story and the way this film was written. I really feel very much that I missed this movie when released in theatres. A true classic film crafted in Tamil ! The Director

Nadodigal --Why ?!

I remember once, ‘Pudhiya kalacharam’ came up an article with the heading ‘காத‌ல் ப‌ட‌ங்க‌ள்.. க‌வ‌லைப்ப‌டு ச‌கோத‌ரா !’ – the period where ‘Kaadhal kotai’ started a trend of ‘Kaadhal’ films. I have been watching since the early TRajendar peak periods – whenever a character talks about love/friendship to the 4thwall [ the dialog meant for audience ], it gets a roaring applause [ Indha ponnungalE ippadi thaan kind of dialogues ].