S(pectacular) P(eppy) Balu

S pectacular P eppy B alu. Sometimes, pleasant surprises come in FM channels. The beauty is the unpredictability of the songs. Of late, I heard these 3 songs in FM and thought of sharing. SPB songs are like a party – The basic rule is ‘NO RULES’. There are so many songs in his name to talk all about in our life time. Apart from the melody area, I came

The Birds - Alfred Hitchcock

“…and remember, the next scream you hear may be your own !! ” – Alfred Hitchcock. The Birds You might have come across the news that Kandasamy masks will be issued to the kids who come to theatre. Don’t think it’s a new n great marketing idea or a brand new publicity stunt. No. Not at all. Cinema industry had much more veterans than our Kalaipuli in the past, too.

Monsieur Verdoux [1947]

Can you buy the statement “Murder is the logical extension of business” ? Yes, it’s the idea of the protagonist, Monsieur Verdoux. [ ஃப்ரென்ச் சென்ட் பேர் மாதிரி இல்லை ? ]   Verdoux is the name of the skilled hero and Monsieur is just the title to the name [ equal to Mr in English – pronounced “meu ssi eu” ]. I used to come across this word used by traffic

Kanthasamy - Action entertainer.

Kanthasamy Tamil bloggers praised the movie Nadodigal,Pasanga blindly. I had checked the same in theatre and was disappointed as they were just average movies. Similarly, for Kanthaswamy – I prepared myself to watch this movie without much interest, in a theatre. Surprisingly, the movie was not as bad as it was presented in the reviews or in blogs. Moral of the movie is எப்ப‌ட‌ம் எவ‌ர் விம‌ர்ச‌ன‌ம் ப‌டிப்பினும்.. Let me keep

Shadows of my cycle.

அமாவாசையும் அவ‌ர் சைக்கிளும் If someone asked me in 6th or 7th std about the goal in life, I would have said nothing but owning a BSA SLR. Nobody in our families owned a bicycle, those days. My uncle was the only person in the family who knows how to ride a cycle [ he rents ]. That too he uses that only based on business requirements [ buying lico coal

Banlieue 13 ultimatum - Jumplingam

Parkour [ டுபாக்கூர் இல்லைங்க‌ !] Banlieue 13 ultimatum In my early days, I used to wait for ‘Fights’ in the title card and walk away if I don’t see the same. I convince sometimes ‘Stunts’ or ‘Action’ in the title card too. I was happy to see Judo rathnam, Hayath, Shyam Sundar (shetty), Kirubaa, Vikram Dharma in the title card. We used to fight with sound effects [ Dishkaal ]

Big Fish - Story-teller's story

Big Fish [ க‌தை சொல்லியின் க‌தை ! ] In any friends’ gang, we might have come across one interesting and convincing story teller. They cannot tell anything straight but with vivid explanations. It might have been a simple accident – but the way they explain is like some spectacular miracle has happened. The important thing about this type of character is their tolerance to insult. I remember one of my

Children of men - acceptable science-fiction

“In 20 years, women are infertile. No children. No future. No hope. But all that can change in a heartbeat” Can we imagine a world without any children ? In fact, “Veenapponavan” may stop writing poems, if there are no children in the world. Science fiction doesn’t always mean to chase some atomic or nuclear bomb. The knot of the story should be compelling or attracting to get into the

Video Cassette days

ஊராட்சியும் மாந‌க‌ராட்சியும்   Due to enormous emails and requests from friends [ ப‌ச்சைப் பொய்.. ஒரே ஒருத்த‌ன் தான் கேட்டான் 🙂 ], I share about the video experiences during the school days. My school days were of mixed experiences – ranging from a town to city. I have had the opportunity of watching street plays, Mahabharatham oration [ 18 days – க‌ர்ண‌ மோட்ச‌ம் கேட்டா சில‌ருக்கு ‘சாமி’ வ‌ந்துடும்..]. Of course, the all time