Nallasivamum Krishnaswamyum

Sometimes trivia happens.. sometimes it is made.. That’s the freedom of the viewer to interpret things in his own way.

Nallasivam [ Kamal’s name in Anbe Sivam ]

– Can you identify which earlier script of Kamal, had the names Nallasivam and Anbarasan, apart from ‘Anbe Sivam’ ? .. Answer at the end of this trivia collection.

– The power glass kamal wears has +10 points with which he can’t walk or do other activities easily. The nicety is he wears a -10 point contact lens and then the glass.. to come out of this blue. Of course, this question was raised by R.Pandiarajan and explained by Kamal.

– The Shiva painting was based on Salvador Dali’s painting “Galatea of Spheres” and Diego rivera’s “Men at cross roads” ..Rockefeller centre. which had Lenin’s face.[ it’s separate controversy by its own but it’s also capitalism & communism issue based !! ].

– The photo of Salvador Dali was used in Michael Madhana Kama Rajan. Great artists and their different moustaches shown in background when fireman raju takes his moustache off. [ Dei.. Set property-i kooda vida maateengaladaa 🙂 ]

– Initially, the film was supposed to be directed by Priyadarshan. Heard once the dance master told that he was just smoking with SundarC while the song ‘ele machi machi’ was choreographed. SundarC got a jackpot in his career – it will be his name in the direction[?!] for the next generation who happens to watch the DVD. 🙂

– I like the song ‘Yaar yaar sivam’ – an aptly penned song for the movie. Among all the petty characters, I like the mother superior [ Yaarunga avanga ?!]. Kamal’s grateful looks on her increases the value of that character.

It’s always easy to say that a film is based on x or y.. however, it is extremely tough to change it according to our format.

Answer : Remember Aboorva sagodharargall villain group 🙂 .. Dharmaraj, Lawyer Satyamurthy, Nallasivam, Francis Anbarasan. Ha..Ha..

Krishnaswamy [ Kamal’s name in Mahanadhi ]

– Interesting one.. Main characters have names of the rivers.. Krishna, kavery, Bharani, Yamuna..[ Thulukaanam river perannu kekkadhinga 🙂 – I like his charcterization ].

– The story mostly happens in the river banks..Cauvery, Coovam (jail) , hooghly.. journey returns back and ends in a well.

– The script/dialogues were penned by Kamal and Ra.Ki.Rangarajan.. Ra.Ki. hesitated first.. but kamal gifted him some books on movie scripting..

– I like the contrasts & smaller details shown.. with funk hairstyle to get the impact of close cut hair in jail sequences.

– Kamal’s wife was Jayasudha.. an apt BW marriage photo was used from an old Kamal movie. [ Remember Jayasudha’s sister Gayathri – Aasayai kaathula thoodhu vittu 🙂 ]

– MS Prabhu was the cameraman [ debut film ] – school of PCSriram.. To my knowledge, it was the first film shot inside chennai central prison’s actual cell.

– Kamal’s scripts Mahanadhi and hey Ram came were translated as a book in Malayalam as ‘Kamalhassante randu thirakkadhagall’.

– The climax was a cinematic one – Kamal had an alternate climax which he couldn’t use for commercial reasons [ it is applicable for all his good movies ].

Kamal is an unavoidable personality in my movie experiences. “Hey Ram” ப‌த்தி விலாவ‌ரியா அல‌ச‌லாம்.. Opening shot-la.. ஹ‌லோ.. பாஸ்.. ஓடாதீங்க‌.. நில்லுங்க‌..




  1. As usual kalakkal. But romba shorta mudichitteenga. Railway station comedy with Madhavan was superb….One dialog i could never forget is the announcement made by station master “Coramandel may be arrived”. This sort of mocks the english phrases used by some of our friends from small towns of AP…

    2 to 2 to 2:02 was another intelligent one. THe diaglogues were by Cartoonist Madhan.

  2. Thanks Kathir for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Visu,
    aduththa get-together yenga nadanthalum, plz come with all your DVD collection, and tamil songs collection.apart from spending the time in copying the DVD’s, we shall also watch selected films again under your guidance to understand and appreciate such minute nuances!

    Hope we too shall get inspired by you(Poovudan serndha naarum manakkattume..)

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