Maestros in celluloid – Themes.

I would like to register some thoughts on the theme music tracks, which made an unforgettable impact on me.

1. Kikujiro / Music : Joe Hisaishi / Director : Takeshi Kitano.
It’s an enchanting piano piece. The movie is all about a kid and his friend travelling to find his mother. The kid receives unconditional love from the people he meets on his journey. The peppy part of the music represents the bubbling age of the kid. Also, it resembles his loneliness and wait for his affection from the family.
2. In the mood for love / Music : Micahel Galasso / Director : Wong Kar-wai
This Hong Kong film analyses about the loneliness one gets after the marriage [ Hong Kong-layumaa 🙂 ] . The entire film psychologically depicts the hesitation and hidden thoughts of a man and a woman. The director Wong depends on music and photography rather than the story. He starts his films without a script and forms the film mostly during the editing. So Yumeji’s theme explains all about the loneliness in a cello. A slow solo chord represents sorrow.
3. Cinema Paradiso / Music : Enio Moricone / Director : Giuseppe Tornatore

This Italian film is about life of a boy Toto, his old friend Alfredo and his love [ adult stage ] in a small town with cinema theatre in the backdrop. The theme starts with a piano and joins with sax, violins, cellos and flute. Such an enchanting piece to portray the nuances of this classic Italian movie. Another brilliant piece is ‘Toto and Alfredo’ from the same soundtrack.

4. The Shawshank redemption / Music : Thomas Newman / Director : Frank Darabont

One of the foremost classics, I have watched. The story is all about hope and friendship. Thomas Newman was introduced to me in this movie and later I became a fan of him. Apart from the story, visuals, narration Newman’s score added value to the flow of the film. Great movies have lesser dialogues and they convey more in cinematography and in music. The other soothing scores of Thomas Newman are Wall-e, Road to perdition, Finding nemo, Cinderella man, etc.,

5. Braveheart / Music : James Horner / Director : Mel Gibson
Apart from IR, I have never heard of Hollywood soundtracks. Mysskin introduced me the Braveheart soundtrack and the name ‘James Horner’ – one more Maestro. The music is composed according to the nature of the movie [ Historic Scotland warrior movie ] and hence more pipes were used in this film. The entire movie is a visual treat along with glittering music. The other remarkable samples of James horner are Titanic, A beautiful mind, Troy etc.,

This is definitely not a top – 5 list but the list that came up when I thought about soundtracks.
To end with a small trivia, all the great movies [ even the above list ] had rain sequences in them. They somehow use rain as a mood. Remember the heavy, black rain in Rashomon, Meoirs of a geisha.. As ARRahman said in worldspace ad, “with world cinema and music, there’s so much to see and hear”.

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  1. Do watch Frida. It is salma Hayek’s masterpiece. I watched 3-4times in 2004.

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