List of thrillers.

List of must-watch thrillers from my DVD collections.

The easiest category of movies to watch is Action/Thriller. I started collecting DVDs when STAR MOVIES aired the entire series of Bond movies [ it was promoting Casino Royale then]. That’s where I started my DVD list. Then the Hitchcock movies fascinated me, which I was under a wrong impression that old movies weren’t so interesting. I am delighted to watch fast paced movies based on robbery, secret agent, murder mystery, serial killing, nerve-racking chases, prison escapes etc.,

Consciously, I have avoided the too famous films like Termintor, Mission Impossible, Speed etc., This list is to enable our friends to have the list of actoin movies to be watched.

This time, I would like to list out the best thrillers, which I came acoss. I am damn sure that this is not the comprehensive list of thrillers to be watched. However, it’ll be a good start here to move on for movie collections. Don’t worry if you have covered only a part of this list. I still have the unfinished movies list. After all, we need some pending things in life to keep it ticking 🙂

Film & Director


1.Silence of the lambs –Jonathan Demme

2.Rear Window –Alfred Hitchcock

3.The French connection –William Friedkin

4.North by North west –Alfred Hitchcock

5.The usual suspects –Bryan Singer

6.Seven –David Fincher

7.The Manchurian Candidate [ 1962/2004] –Jonathan Demme

8.Fargo –Coen Brothers

9.Chinatown — Roman Polanski

10.L.A.Confidential — Curtis Hanson

11.Reservoir Dogs — Quentin Tarantino

12.Vertigo — Alfred Hitchcock

13.The Departed — Martin Scorsese

14.Memento — Christopher Nolan

15.Eastern Promises — David Cronenberg

16.Cape Fear [ 1962/1980 ] — Martin Scorsese

17.The fugitive — Andrew Davis

18.Blue velvet — David Lynch

19.I confess — Alfred Hitchcock

20.Spellbound — Alfred Hitchcock

21.Broken arrow — John woo

22.Face off — John woo

23.Clear & present danger — Philip Noyce

24.The Jackal — Michael Caton-Jones

25.Bad boys I & II — Michael Bay

26.Rope — Alfred Hitchcock

27.Fight club — David Fincher

28.Inside Man — Spike Lee

29.Escape from alcatraz — Don Siegal

30.Apocalypto — Mel Gibson

31.Frenzy — Alfred Hitchcock

32.Topaz — Alfred Hitchcock

33.Shadow of a doubt — Alfred Hitchcock


35.Italian job — Gary Gray

36.Eagle eye — DJ Caruso

37.Birds — Alfred Hitchcock

38.Thick as thieves — Mimi Leder

39.Pulp fiction — Quentin Tarantino

40.Jackie Brown — Quentin Tarantino

41.Death proof — Quentin Tarantino


43.Derailed –Michael Hafstrom

44.The Peacemaker — Mimi Leder

45.88 Minutes

46.The Training day — Antoine Fuqua

47.Carlito’s way

48.The Killing — Stanley Kuberick

49.Body of Lies –Ridley Scott

50.Brother — Takeshi Kitano

51.Taken — Act:Liam Neeson

52.After the sunset — Act:Pierce Brosnan


54.Dial M for Murder — Alfred Hitchcock

55.Strangers on a train — Alfred Hitchcock


57.Minority report — Steven Speilberg

58.Family plot — Alfred Hitchcock

59.Kill Bill 1 & 2 — Quentin tarantino

60.Catch me if you can — Steven Speilberg

Happy watching !



  1. i have watched only 8 films from the list above.
    very poor by others' lofty standards!
    i will have to raid Srikkanth's house to get hold of those dvd's to start my movie watching experience in real ernest.

  2. Thanks Rajan for your comments. As I said, there's nothing wrong in missing these movies. Kathir has asked for this list and hence I compiled this set. Paarthadhu i-pod allavu.. Paarkadhadhu i-MAX allavu.. 🙂

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