KILL BILL – Vol I – Quentin’s Kurudhip punal

KILL BILL - Vol I - Quentin's Kurudhip punal

“I steal from every movie, ever made” -Quentin Tarantino.

Disclaimer :

If you have the habit of fainting at the sight of blood, pls skip this ‘bloody’ review 🙂

Malayalam film industry [ Idhu verenga 🙂 ] used to have music directors who are more towards the melody types of songs. JASSIE GIFT jolted the entire industry with LAJJAVADHIYE with his sand paper voice. The audience didn’t know how to react and they didn’t want to ignore, also. They enjoyed it to the peak and the song / MD was admired very much. In film history, there’s always been a rebellious person in any category of art. Like MRRadha in Tamil industry. On the outlook, we hesitate to enjoy them and we admire them personally. It’s not only their performance but also their perception. These kinds of artists differ highly from the crowd. Similarly in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino is one such extremely different story teller. Like Manirathnam, he is self taught.

We are used to stories that have a finite structure. However, it’s not necessary that all movies hold this pattern. For eg. 21 grams, Rashamon, Andha Naall. These type of stories starts from the middle and connects different events to form a story. Sometimes instead of a story, a film ends up with a just a collection of events. Quentin Tarantino is of this strange category. This film involves extreme violence, profanity, pop music, lengthy dialogues and sudden shocking moments. No wonder, Quentin Tarantino liked “The killing”, a Stanley Kuberick movie. [ Sk is another strange director – never come across a movie called Clockwork orange – Satirical drama film ].

When I watched “Reservoir Dogs” [ Quentin’s first film ], I was confused whether to follow this Director or not. I liked as well as disliked the movie. Yes ! The film was about a diamond robbery and the robbery was not shown at all.[ appa enna dhaandaa kaatnanga 🙂 ]. But his narrating style attracted me very much and I started following his films. PULP FICTION was the best of Quentin Tarantino. I enjoyed watching DEATHPROOF. The beauty is none of his films were told in a linear fashion [Except JACKIE BROWN ].


Don’t get surprise to see that it’s a plain revenge story with stylishly excessive violence. The bride [ Uma Thurman ] is attacked by her ex-squad members and the chief in her wedding. They kill everyone and brutally beat Uma to almost closer to death. Somehow, she survives and takes revenge. Adhaan kadhai. The total movie length is 4 hours and hence KILL BILL 2 was released.


The film starts with this phrase on screen. “Revenge is a dish best served cold”.

Though it just looks like a simple Chiranjeevi or Suman movie, the way it is taken is interesting. I still have a double mind whether to say the violence shown is good or not [ Like Subramaniapuram ] but I can easily say that it’s the most shocking shots. The film combines multiple categories of films styles like martial arts, mix of US and Japanese cultures, Characters with Samurai attributes, shocking level of violence and x.

As I said, on the outlook once can ignore this film easily but as a fan, I liked the styles used in the movie. The director fluidly used animation in telling a particular flashback. It’s about the American girl becoming a Don in Tokyo and that episode is shown in animation style [ Manga comics with whooshing blood ]. The fights are choreographed stylishly with perfect timing and the visuals are as clear as a crystal. The tempo used in the revenge can be used as a complete reference for our Indian action film [ Hero walking on a glass floor shown from low angle – Watch what’s written on Uma’s shoe 🙂 ].

Quentin Tarantino is a great fan of music, comics and films. Every shot in his film has almost all the mentioned elements. The characters in other films – they talk a lot, different opinions, and different music. One needs to be so familiar with the history of music and culture in US to understand his narration to a great extent [ Remember sub-title is just a translation ].

Conclusion :

Never ever watch a QT movie with family or kid.


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