Kanthasamy – Action entertainer.


Tamil bloggers praised the movie Nadodigal,Pasanga blindly. I had checked the same in theatre and was disappointed as they were just average movies. Similarly, for Kanthaswamy – I prepared myself to watch this movie without much interest, in a theatre. Surprisingly, the movie was not as bad as it was presented in the reviews or in blogs. Moral of the movie is
எப்ப‌ட‌ம் எவ‌ர் விம‌ர்ச‌ன‌ம் ப‌டிப்பினும்..
Let me keep this review short [ த‌ப்பிச்ச‌ம்டா !]. Some mythical characters are always attractive. One such character is Robin hood. The concept is catchy – stealing from the rich and serving the same to poor. Fighting injustice and doing good. Till date, we have so many movies based on this concept. In fact, all the movies [ ending with ‘n’ ] of Shankar had the same old concept of Robin hood. It started way back from Kongu nattu thangam, Neelamalai thirudan, Malaikallan, Karuppu Panam. So don’t worry about the story.
The movie fan should not search for same Will Smith of ‘Enemy of the state’ in the other film ‘The pursuit of happiness’ or vice-versa. They are different. Kanthasamy is a fantasy thriller type [ like Ayan]. For me, a good film never makes me to check for time or look for killing time in the theater. Neither Ayan nor Kanthasamy did that. It was good.
If you have already seen Guru, Gentleman, Ramana, Sivaji, Anniyan that’s more than enough. The making and looks, make the film to watch it interestingly.
The film got a good script and interesting sequences. The screen presence of Vikram is convincing and good in this film. He is basically from modelling and that helps him a lot in this kind of ‘looks’ based movie [ like Billa 2007 ]. He works as CBI officer and the robin hood who does the money distribution part. He fit the role perfectly and could have done even more rich dressing.[ the best costumes, I have seen is in ‘Oceans 11’ – Classic ].

Interestingly, the Thiruporur temple has been used in this movie. It’s a risky theme to play with temple and people’s belief in the system. Fortunately, Susi Ganesan has handled the game cleverly, convincing the audience. He easily got the possible elements of a spy/action thriller. For the first time, the director justifies the way all the gimmicks done by a hero – logic’s of flying, make-up and using intelligence. The same old characters of a Don film follows the story like CBI Director, another higher rank police officer, Villain, Villain’s secretary, club dance [ அட‌ ..அட‌.. 🙂 ].

Interestingly, Sreya looks far better in this movie [ A mole in the left cheek too ! – padam review ezhudhudaannaa 🙂 ]. Don’t think very cheap about me praising Sreya for ” Miyaav Miyaav” dances. [ முமைத்கான் பேர் போட்டாங்க‌.. ப‌ட‌மே முடிஞ்சிடும் போலிருக்கே ! 🙂 ]. I consider the work of Devi Sri Prasad as not up to the mark. I could still remember the songs/re-recording of Haris Jayaraj in Vettaiyadu Vellaiyadu – It was so apt as having an ATM in the entrance of a big shopping mall [ Ha..ha..]. DSP lacks the interest in the BGM and only 2 songs were good. Otherwise he depends on loud music [ high decibel hindrances. ]. Had the movies got a better music director, the output might have been entirely different. DSP’s music is not matching the movie – they look detached as the vibuthi kungumam stand in Anjappar hotel [ ஆமாம் .. அது எதுக்கு அங்க‌ வைக்க‌றாங்க‌ ?!? ]. The technical part of the movie is good – especially, the Mexico sequences.

Don’t ask for logic in action movies. It’s sad that our critics also ask for a “message”, after watching the eye catching dances of Sreya [ இப்ப‌ தான்டா புரியுது !]. I don’t want to get into the collection statistics, Vikram, Dhanu or Abirami Ramanathan [ Chennai distributor for this film ]. Because, I was disheartened to see 150 days life size flex banner for the movie ‘KURUVI‘ in Sathyam theatre [என்ன‌ கொடுமை சர‌வ‌ணா இது]. I neither liked Anniyan nor Sivaji [ except Songs and Rajini ] but Susi Ganesan has definitely done a better job than Shankar. Actor Prabhu has become Tamil cinema’s sentiment as the films were hit with him doing a support role [ Billa, Ayan ]. I liked the SUVs used in the Mexico sequences [ Toyota Prado, Nissan Armada – wonderful one ]. Have you seen ‘Cadillac Escalade‘ ? That’s mine 🙂

Yes ! There are flaws in this film like Vikram’s unnecessary/forced getup(s) like the lady, old man, etc., First, I was wondering why Susi Ganesan did a small role in this film. It’s a budget reason – instead of taking an artist to Mexico, they might have felt the director can do the role 🙂 .Susi ganesan in an interview said that instead of taking the same Rowdy/Madurai /Village/Thiruvizhaa Avyinga/Ivyinga based movies, he has tried the repeated story with 30 new scenes ! Though I disagree with his statement, I can say it’s a good entertainer. The only caution is if you have grownup kids, the glamour part is too much. [ not for us 🙂 ]. For kids, I would suggest ‘ICE AGE 3’ the 3D version in Sathyam theatre.




  1. Hello Toto,
    The first positive review am reading about Kanthasamy. So far everybody says Kanthasamy -a 'Nonthasamy'. Your review creted an interest in viewing this film.


  2. Thanks Srikanth. As I said, it's far better than other craps like Bheema. If this film had some good songs, it could have been even better. I had liked it and that's what I shared [ ippellaam nalla irundhudhunu sonnale prachnai pola 🙂 ].

  3. let me say that, i liked 'Bheema' too-says a lot about my taste, or rather the lack of it!I am sure i may like Kanthasamy too. to be honest i liked Anniyan more than i could involve myself in Sivaji. there was many logic mistakes in Sivaji.i could feel that right thru the film and i was detached from the film. may be because i was a staunch anti-Rajini and Pro Kamal fan right till my college days played a part in it. coming back to kanthasamy, I hope the film breaks even.

  4. Thanks Rajan. Nothing wrong at all. Don't get surprised, even if you don't like Kandhasamy. For me, I like Rajini as well as Kamal – I just go by the film.

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