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Toto’s first post on film music. [ Click the above drawing to see the actual size ].

1. What did IR’s father named him as ?
2. Could you guess the early work of ARR as a keyboard player with IR ? – Answers at the end.

– Mayile Mayile – First time, IR experimented mixing a carnatic raga and a folk tune. This song is based on a carnatic raga hamsadwani with a folk tune.Sung by SPB and Jency [ Watch for the best guitar interludes ].

– Prelude [ introductory part of the music just before the pallavi ]. The longest prelude in tamil film songs of IR is “Poongathave” from Nizhalgall. It starts with a violin, violin – group, a percussion bang and slow veenai.

– Normally, there are 2 BGMs in a song. BGM1 is before the Saranam1 and BGM2 is before Saranam2. One IR song has both the BGM1 and 2 as the same. The song is ‘Naan yaaru’ from Chinna Jameen [ Sung by IR ].

– We know about humming.. ever heard of high/low pitch humming ?!! High pitch humming is used in “Ninaivo oru paravai” from Sigappu rojakkall and a low pitch humming is used in “poo maalaiye” from Pagal Nilavu. [ thanana nanaaa 🙂 ]. My favourite humming is from ‘Aagaya gangai’ – Dharma yuddham

– Dissolve technique.. [ to break up / melt ]. Rakkamma keiyei thattu song dissolves from a peppy number into a devaram song very easily. The contrast dissolve is from “Ennulle ennulle” from Valli.. Its starts from Chendai and ends [ begins ! ] with a guitar.

– Obsession has been portrayed with the help of flute sound in “Sundari kannaal” from Thalabathy – along with the voice in the pallavi and “aasaiayai kaathula” from Johnny.

– IR did a craving prayer song in Achaani.. Madha un kovilil. SJanaki had done her best to get the right emotions. Watch the voice in this line.. Mezhugu pol uruginom.. Kanneerai maatra vaa .

– Counterpoint technique – Two or more tunes [ voices also ] getting executed simultaneously. En kanmani from Chittukuruvi is based on this technique. Even Vaali tried counterpoint in lyrics too !

– Circular music.. Rarely a song starts and ends in the same music.. “Poove sempoove” from Solla thudikudhu manasu starts and ends with the same guitar n flute notes.

– The known only-aroganam [ ascending scale ] song is ‘Kalaivaaniye’ from Sindhu Bhairavi. It’s done much before in ‘Tham thana Nam thana’ song in ‘Pudhiya vaarppugall’ . The songs steps up and don’t silde down.

– Kanne kalaimaane from Moondram pirai – This song has a solo violin following just Yesudoss’s voice. This deepens the sympathy mood of the song.
– One regular instrument was missed in all the 6 songs of Agni natchathiram – Tabala.


1. GnanaDesigan
2. Film : Moodupani [ 1980 ].

** Few of the snippets are taken from ‘Pesum padam’, book written by Cinematographer Chezhian.

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  1. i learnt new things about my old favourite songs.may be when v meet in the next get together i can listen to a few songs by Malaysia vasudevan in IR's music.i wish i cud get the entire hit collection of IR & MV as well as IR & Jeyachandran.Arunmozhi is a flutist in IR's troupe, if i am correct. he has also sung a few songs , notably in soorasamharam.i read somewhere that he even composed music for a telugu film.VS Narasimhan was another of IR's assistants who did KB's achchamillai, achchamillai. notable songs were-'Avarampoo…arezhu naalaa" and also 'odailyia sandhanaththa ..".dont know why these guys dont get opportunities again. May be they would have got many opportunities if they had made their debut in late 90's or in the last few years.

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