Eeram – Neat effort.

Eeram - Neat effort.

Eeram [ 2009 ] – Suspense thriller

Music : S Thaman [ Remember the stout drummer in Boys ]
Written & directed : Arivazhagan

Producer : Shankar


Plot :

The film starts with a death scene of Ramya in a big apartment complex, which is identified by water leakage. Ramya‘s ex lover Vasu is the Asst Commissioner who investigates the case with special interest. 2 more mysterious deaths happen in the same block. Vasu starts investigation with Ramya‘s husband Bala, Bala’s partner Vicky, another person X. The case becomes more clueless as it progresses. What proceeds then and what Vasu face are the most terrific and gripping happenings. This is enough to know about the story.

View :
Writer & Director Arivazhagan has done a decent effort in making a nice n interesting suspense flick. Thaman did a wonderful job in re-recording [ and Sound effects too ] and followed Yuvan in the songs [ Thank God – just 3 short songs ]. Cinematographer Manoj has done a catchy job to get the mood of a thriller. The dialogues are sharp and effective. Due to the limitations of Tamil cinema, a thriller which should have been ended in 90 mins, was dragged to 140 mins [ 2nd half konjam dragging ].

The artists have done their job neatly [ especially Sindhu menon] and justified their roles. The design and concept of the film is too good – wetness. Right from the first frame, water is used as an element throughout the movie. Nice to see cloudy/rainy Chennai and Trichy [ he tried something like David Fincher’s “Seven” – Trichy eppadi sudumnu kann[ kaal] aara kandavan naan . It’s a decent effort from S pictures and Arivazhagan. [ Kids don’t like the film – My son was enquiring about when Spider man would come and fight with the police 🙂 ].

It’s good to see the varieties of movies that come out. The movie resembles, reading a thriller of Sujatha. As always, it’s more effective in theatre.


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  1. Frame by frame pathu menjirallam….

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