Chithiram Pesudhadi – Nam sindhai Mayangudhadi..

Chithiram Pesudhadi - Nam sindhai Mayangudhadi..

Q : Do you know the meaning of the name ‘Mysskin ‘ – Find the answer at the end of the post.

Chithiram Pesudhadi was the first film written and directed by Mysskin. Previously, he worked as an associate with Kathir and Vincent Selva. With kathir he didn’t work in a film but spent some months on story discussion. With V.Selva he worked in “Youth” and “Jithan“. Though the working style of the directors are different, it helped him to grasp the coordination work in the field.
CP is a very regular story of Tamil cinema; a love story between a thug and a beautiful girl with a small element of suspense in it. Let us see the nuances of this simple n neat cinema.

Character biography was introduced to me in this film. The hero introduction was nicely planned and in a single dialogue with his mother he tells his background. Normally hero has a flashback either in an introduction song [ stealing vada ! ].

Naren’s character directly enters into the script by a simple dialog ” 10th certificate kekkaraan.. un kitta irukaa..Un purushan sethutaannu ennai 8thoda niruthitta..” This is the background of our hero which is depicted by just one line which usually doesn’t happen in Tamil cinema.


– The Annachi character was aptly portrayed. He is not a Boss sitting in an old building with cartons/barrels [ usually a ration shop godown ! ] arranged everywhere. He is just another business man and he owns an ambassador car. [ Dadha without a sumo/scorpio ! ]

– Heroine’s father character was a nice portrayal [ with white costumes mostly – metaphor for outside purity] of a person with some unexpressed feelings. He always cleans something – psychologically cleaning his mistakes. First, Sivakumar was considered for this role and they dropped the idea, later.


– Hero keeps his head always, low because of the complex on his henchman profession. Also, he walks fast to come out of a crime scene or location to detach himself.
– Heroine’s father utter a dialog in the beginning scenes which looks like an advice to his daughter but not.. ” Namma pala samayam enga porom edhuku poromnu yaarkum theryama irukaradhu nalladhu
– One of the friends always eats in all the frames or sleeps [ literally ]. Even in the initial hospital scene the character concentrates on the fruits basket, takes an apple and just munches.


– The henchman Gaja always stammers except in the climax where he hesitates to stab the hero. The reason is stammering doesn’t happen when a person speaks emotionally from the heart. [ Do you know the singer Madhumitha stammers when she speaks but once she starts singing she’ll change herself – Mudhal mudhalaai : Lesaa Lesaa ].


One of the fine scenes, is ..the hero and friends come out of the auto, talks about the 20K, they fight and join for tea. It was taken as a single steady cam shot.

– Blind woman – She represents the audience. The blind thing also symbolises the hidden truth in the movie.

– Everything was experimental. For ex the hero refuses to accept money from the Mahadevan and asks him to get out of the scene. After this, the camera goes behind him and stays for 10 secs capturing the breathe of the hero. Editor did want to cut this shot early but Mys refused.

– My favourite scene.. A scene explains the come back of Naren [ Thiru ] as a henchman. In single steady angle, the shots are shown in long, middle and close ranges. The scene includes the exercise bar and the bar is used to bang one on it, at the end of the scene.

– Though the movie contains violence, less blood is shed or shown on screen.


Thiru uses a simple defense technique in fight sequences.. Standing before a wall – so that he doesn’t need to watch his back while fighting. 🙂

– There’s a sequence that after turning soft, Naren has to chase somebody on road. He comes across school kids on the way. The hesitation is shown in his legs and then he runs towards the victim. Look for the apt BGM, there.

– No graphics, No foreign songs, No comedy track. The first half contains subtle humour. [ Vanntaangadaa Sowkar janaki 🙂 ]


Sundar C Babu composed the song .. Vaala meenukum with additional western instruments. Mysskin corrected it like this..’ It’s a song happening in slum ; where do u get western instruments in the slum – use the bare minimum instruments”. He choreographed the Gana ulaganathan’s mannerisms, also advised Shobi [ dance master ] to have simple movements and not as trained dance professionals.


Mys said in Madhan’s thiraiparavai that Chithiram Pesudhadi is not the best film from his bag but a neat effort to start with. He later proved it in Anjathey. [ Nandalala varratum.. We’ll have a vivid discussion 🙂 ].

Mysskin is a persian name meaning simple man. It’s taken from the Russian novel ‘The Idiot’.


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