Random thoughts

List of thrillers.

List of must-watch thrillers from my DVD collections. The easiest category of movies to watch is Action/Thriller. I started collecting DVDs when STAR MOVIES aired the entire series of Bond movies [ it was promoting Casino Royale then]. That’s where I started my DVD list. Then the Hitchcock movies fascinated me, which I was under a wrong impression that old movies weren’t so interesting. I am delighted to watch fast

The LIGHT dynasty

சென்னைல‌ 2 ஆல‌ம‌ர‌ம்.. ஒண்ணு அடையார்ல‌ .. இன்னொண்ணு ஆழ்வார்பேட்டைல‌.. yes.. It is P.C.Sriram. These are the noticeable, successful technicians [ Cameramen/Directors/others] from the school of PCSriram. Also, I have listed their noteable works for their identity. ** Late Jeeva [ Indian, Kadhalan ]** Thiru [ Hey Ram, Lesaa Lesaa ]** Velraj [ Asst of PC and Thiru.. Polladhavan ]** YNMurali [ Chathriyan ]** Chezian [ Kalloori ]** Ramji [ Dum dum