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C O U R T - Marathi film.

COURT [ Marathi ] – 2015.   The germ idea for a film is more important. For ex. One in few lakh lunchboxes, gets wrongly delivered. For us it’s a plain fact. But the writer Ritesh Batra was curious on that wrongly delivered lunchbox and made his film ‘The lunchbox’. Similarly, writer director Chaitanya Tamhaane felt it was funny to watch a real life court room, as it was not

Random Access Memory — 1

Maaveeran The tamil ver­sion of Mag­a­d­heera has run equally well in the con­text of a tel­ugu dub­bing film. This once again proves the power of a good film. The good out­come is that this film is saved from a Tamil remake. Remakes and sequels will come out good in very rare cases [ excep­tion­als like the Dark Knight ]. This is one of our fam­ily movies where in all the

Random access memory

  Vaadu leftlo Veedu rightlo I’m not com­fort­able with remake or remix or any tin­ker­ing to an orig­i­nal piece of art — even though it’s mostly done based on the busi­ness aspects. Good or bad or ugly — once the piece is done, it’s done. There’s no point in redo­ing the entire stuff — waste of time, energy and money. Espe­cially when it comes to good films/songs. Could you imag­ine

The kite-runners - II

This is the 2nd part of my previous blog ‘Kite runners-I’ – pls click the link below.http://film4thwall.blogspot.com/2009/09/kite-runner-not-afghan-film.html As usual, the next part is in our home town. Along with other sports[?!], [ Goli [ heard of “oorgaa bendha” ?!:) ] , Tops, Gilli [ for every sport I know the village term too – pullu koti or kitti pul ], Mudhugu puncture, cycle race, Thirudan police, exam pad cricket, book

The kite runners - I

ஆத்தாடி.. என் காத்தாடி Out of the mighty sports of Aminjikarai, I was fascinated much towards flying kites. Anything related to kite is a form of art and for every sport, there’s a season. I remember, mostly the quarterly exam leaves in September was the period, when people choose to fly kites. In Aminjikarai, I stayed in one of the high rise apartments. From our terrace, I could see Chetpet railway

Shadows of my cycle.

அமாவாசையும் அவ‌ர் சைக்கிளும் If someone asked me in 6th or 7th std about the goal in life, I would have said nothing but owning a BSA SLR. Nobody in our families owned a bicycle, those days. My uncle was the only person in the family who knows how to ride a cycle [ he rents ]. That too he uses that only based on business requirements [ buying lico coal

Video Cassette days

ஊராட்சியும் மாந‌க‌ராட்சியும்   Due to enormous emails and requests from friends [ ப‌ச்சைப் பொய்.. ஒரே ஒருத்த‌ன் தான் கேட்டான் 🙂 ], I share about the video experiences during the school days. My school days were of mixed experiences – ranging from a town to city. I have had the opportunity of watching street plays, Mahabharatham oration [ 18 days – க‌ர்ண‌ மோட்ச‌ம் கேட்டா சில‌ருக்கு ‘சாமி’ வ‌ந்துடும்..]. Of course, the all time

Chennai - 600029.

Daily 4 shows – II [ Chennai : 600029 ]. This post is dedicated to Kathirvel – my only friend from ‘Arumbakkam’ area. The period is set between 1981-85 [ 1st to 5th std – Skipped 2nd std – double promotion 🙂 ]. I was taken [ obviously ! ] by one or the other senior at home. Everyone had their own way of watching movies. My father used to

Daily 4 shows

தின‌ச‌ரி 4 காட்சிக‌ள் Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater – Roman Polanski Disclaimer:This is definitely not an autobiography to test your patience [ ச‌த்திய‌ சோத‌னை ‍ – ப‌டிக்க‌ற‌வ‌ங்க‌ளுக்கு 🙂 ]. Just registering my thoughts about my hometown theatres. Gents, Ladies, bench, chair, balcony, fire, exit, projection room, காலைக்காட்சி, இப்ப‌ட‌ம் இன்றே க‌டைசி,வ‌ருகிற‌து, வெற்றிக‌ர‌மான‌ இர‌ண்டாவ‌து வார‌ம்– All these words resemble my glorious movie days. The movie experience