Songs of 2011

Photo cour­tesy : Krishna. We live in a period every­one sings or at least try to be there. No won­der we get more fresh voices and fade out the old singers;  even field out with a sin­gle song [ Singers of Margazhi poove, Azhaiya asura never came back ! excep­tional come back is LREswari ! ].  The other sur­prise is the new wave of music direc­tors this year.. Satya, Gibraan,

Few grams from the gold mine - part II.

Disclaimer : Do you have the in-depth knowledge of raaga, scales, kamagam, sangathi, melakartha raagam, misra chapu thaalam [ appdinnaa ?! – 7 beat rhythm cycle] ? If you don’t have, don’t worry – IRs music requires just 2 ears and a slight interest in songs. * 2 more songs on counterpoint technique are “poonthaliraada” from panneer pushpangall and “Edho Mohan” from kozhi koovuthu [ the first interlude has the

S(pectacular) P(eppy) Balu

S pectacular P eppy B alu. Sometimes, pleasant surprises come in FM channels. The beauty is the unpredictability of the songs. Of late, I heard these 3 songs in FM and thought of sharing. SPB songs are like a party – The basic rule is ‘NO RULES’. There are so many songs in his name to talk all about in our life time. Apart from the melody area, I came

Thirai Gaanam - 2008

திரை கான‌ம் Let us listen to some songs for a change [ ha..ha.. DVD தீந்து போச்சா 🙂 ]. I have been collecting and listening to music for a long time. Right from my school days, I used to move with slightly elderly friends and hence I was attracted to the songs they listened that time. I remember listening to ‘Poondhaliraada’ from ‘Paneer pushpangall’, in Ungall viruppam. I remember in UKG

Time to blow the speakers..Baby !!

Time to blow the speakers..Baby !! It’s just another category of music. It’s not necessary that we always look for soothing melodies and it’s time for some “JING BANG” music. 1. Aathichoodi. Film: TN07 4777Singer : Vijay Antony, Dinesh KanakarathnamMusic by : Vijay AntonyChoreographer : ShobiLyrics : Thevai illai 🙂 For a long time, I restricted myself not to see or listen for this song, due to a perception [

Adadaa vaa asathalaam - New good songs

1. Oru Vetkam varudheFilm : PasangaSingers : Naresh Iyer/Shreya GoshalMD : James Vasanthan The song starts with the James’s choir brand [:) ] and flows fluidly. The song slightly touches the humming in thendral vandhu ennai thodum song [ Tharadhath tharadhaa ] and Hishaisi’s piano from Kikujiro [ Nallaa dhanadaa irundhe ! ]. The voices are fantastic in this song. I admire lyrics of Thamarai – a true n fabulous

From Mao to Mozart - Musical journey

“Music is not just black and white. Music is every color and some that even painters don’t have.”– Isaac Stern, Violinist/Music teacher. We know the cultural differences between western countries and China. People of these 2 countries cannot come together with any of their qualities, language and culture. But one thing can easily fill up the gap and that is MUSIC. In 1979, Isaac Stern and his pianist friend made

Maestros in celluloid - Themes.

I would like to register some thoughts on the theme music tracks, which made an unforgettable impact on me. 1. Kikujiro / Music : Joe Hisaishi / Director : Takeshi Kitano. It’s an enchanting piano piece. The movie is all about a kid and his friend travelling to find his mother. The kid receives unconditional love from the people he meets on his journey. The peppy part of the music

Few grams from the gold mine

Toto’s first post on film music. [ Click the above drawing to see the actual size ]. 1. What did IR’s father named him as ?2. Could you guess the early work of ARR as a keyboard player with IR ? – Answers at the end. – Mayile Mayile – First time, IR experimented mixing a carnatic raga and a folk tune. This song is based on a carnatic raga