Foreign films

Banlieue 13 ultimatum - Jumplingam

Parkour [ டுபாக்கூர் இல்லைங்க‌ !] Banlieue 13 ultimatum In my early days, I used to wait for ‘Fights’ in the title card and walk away if I don’t see the same. I convince sometimes ‘Stunts’ or ‘Action’ in the title card too. I was happy to see Judo rathnam, Hayath, Shyam Sundar (shetty), Kirubaa, Vikram Dharma in the title card. We used to fight with sound effects [ Dishkaal ]

No Man's Land - Universal issue.

No man’s land. ” The war was never a good subject for a feature film. But frankly, my deepest opinion is it’s not the subject that matters, it’s the way you treat the subject that matters.” – Director Danis Tanovic. History always have specific pieces of land in dispute, where in two countries/states claim the ownership. There are so many examples like Kashmir, Kachatheevu, Sikkim, Belgaum [ inter states ].

Kikujiro - A touching travel.

Kikujiro na natsu [ Summer of Kikujiro ] Play this music in the background while reading this blog [ Oru effect dhaan ! ]. ” After ‘Hana-Bi’, I couldn’t help feeling that my films were being stereotyped: So I decided to try and make a film no one would expect from me ” – Takeshi Kitano. Once a creator reaches this idea, the next project would be one of

Paradise now & RONIN.

RUSH Films.Endorphin rush – PARADISE NOW. Of late, I came across the term ‘Endorphin rush’, which is induced by physical exercise and it leads to the state ‘sense of accomplishment’. Why do I attach endorphin rush to a film ? [ ippadi dhideernu kettaa eppadinga.. Eppadiyum link panniduven 🙂 ]. Though I am film freak, I used to know about history/life. more through films. ‘Hotel Rwanda’ showed me the recent

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso - My hometown theatres.

I wanted to rebuild what the cinema hall used to be once; a sacred place where people used to know each other, to spend time together, to smile, and dream – Director Giuseppe Tornatore. I started watching films in my school days at an above average level. I watch any kind of cinema starting from Telugu dubbing Chiranjeevi movies, MRRAdha’s classic ‘Rathak kaneer’ to ‘Schindlers list’. But I had the

Visual poem - In the mood for love

தனிமை.. த‌விப்பு.. த‌ய‌க்க‌ம் Can anyone be able to express freely to the other person honestly ? We have so many filters, we rehearse the dialog before we let it out. There are very few places that we let out whatever that comes to our mind like close friend, in prayer etc., Once Kamalhassan said that he likes the Villain character in any story because he is honest – if he

Life is beautiful - for those who faced the hard !

“There is no bigger tragedy than to remember the happy times during the misery.” – Unknown quote. Life is beautiful – for whom ? Life is beautiful movie was awarded best foreign language film by the academy in 1998. Do you know the other 2 good nominations in the same year ? Answer at the end of the review. Life doesn’t become beautiful for all. In fact, for those, who

Jibeuro - Tale of a grandma [ the way home ]

Name : The way home [ 2002/South Korea/ Drama ]Director: Lee JehongMusic : KimActors : Doesn’t look like they are actors 🙂 We, in tamil films, can’t digest a single scene where the word love doesn’t pitch in. We, in fact, changed the dictionary meaning of love – we understand it can be used only in the most dramatic sentence ‘I love you’ :). There are a handful of movies

No Knowledge is useless : even forgery !

No Knowledge is useless : even forgery ! [ enna dhairiyathula nee title elllaam vaikara !! ] The counterfeiters [ 2007 – Drama / German ] Directed by : Stefan Ruzowitzky. Plot: It’s a fictional flick based on ‘Operation Bernhard’**. The film opens with a Jewish counterfeiter [ SME named Salomon – Sal] spending n enjoying life in Monte Carlo. He builds relation with a new girl and she finds