What is war ?

Flags of our fathers [ 2006 – War ] Produced by : Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg. Directed by : Clint Eastwood. First.. I thought of writing the review in this style. In American soil, except civil war, they never faced any external. But they are the masters in creating the war based movies. The best I can say [ from my list ] are Schindler’s list, Saving private Ryan,

North by Northwest [ Brawest ride ! ].

North by Northwest [ NBNW – Spy n suspense thriller/1959 ]Directed by : Alfred Hitchcock – AFCKCast : Cary Grant, Eva marie saintWritten by : Ernest Lehman Recently, I read about the 50th year anniversary of this movie in ‘The Hindu’ and hence this review 🙂 [ What a reasoning ! ] Alfred Hitchcock was sadly considered only as a ‘master of suspense/thriller’ rather he is the complete master of

Roman(tic) Holiday

Roman(tic) Holiday [ Titling – konjam improve aagi irukke ! ] Sometimes, you need a no nonsense and feel good movie for entertainment. Just a story without any villain,family :),children,major issues, twists, medical problems, guns [ Sigh..ha…] and of course the elements of a regular cinema. Can a BW movie made in 1953 entertain toto now ? Can it make the viewer to laugh ? Can it make the viewer

Anjaathey - Hidden thoughts and knots.

This is not going to be a film review. Instead, I just listed the observations. * No computer graphics were used in the entire movie.. Mysskin [ Mys ] asks why do we need CG for a movie.. Fourth-wall blinks without answers. * Naren’s character gets introduced without any footwear [ to symbolise that he is such an irresponsible rogue ]. His transformation happens after the “paati” episode. Once they

Nijam ondru.. Nizhal Irandu

Nijam [ Alcatraz ]. The US has less than 5% of the world’s population. But it has almost 25% of the world’s prisoners. The country has its own history related to prisons. Alcatraz is a small island near SFO bay, once served as a military prison starting from 1861. Since 1933, it served as a prison for US justice dept and operated for 29 years – one of the most

A Few Good men - Courtroom drama

A FEW GOOD MEN – 1992/Courtroom drama based on a play.Directed by :Rob ReinerCast : Jack Nicholson, Tom cruise, Demi moore,Kevin Bacon [ Truly Star studded ! ] Sometimes, I wonder about the variety of films, a director could have in his career. Rob reiner is a jovial guy who directed 2 top-10 featured romantic comedies [ When Harry met sally, sleepless in Seattle ] also worked with the finest

Sana khan onnu.. Saranya Mohan onnu.

1. Sana Khan.Film : Inside man – 2006. Thriller.Directed by : Spike LeeCast : Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie foster. Plot : A group of robbers dressed as painters enter a bank with a master plan to rob the Manhattan bank. Cops round up the bank. Bank owner is not concerned about the money but something else worries him. He hires a high-profile negotiator. She interacts with the robber and

No Knowledge is useless : even forgery !

No Knowledge is useless : even forgery ! [ enna dhairiyathula nee title elllaam vaikara !! ] The counterfeiters [ 2007 – Drama / German ] Directed by : Stefan Ruzowitzky. Plot: It’s a fictional flick based on ‘Operation Bernhard’**. The film opens with a Jewish counterfeiter [ SME named Salomon – Sal] spending n enjoying life in Monte Carlo. He builds relation with a new girl and she finds