List of must-watch thrillers from my DVD collections. The easiest category of movies to watch is Action/Thriller. I started collecting DVDs when STAR MOVIES aired the entire series of Bond movies [ it was promoting Casino Royale then]. That’s where I started my DVD list. Then the Hitchcock movies fascinatedRead More →

Dad : டேய் சிகாம‌ணி.. நீ ஒரு எஞ்சினிய‌ரா, டாக்ட‌ரா, வ‌க்கீலா வ‌ருவென்னெல்லாம் க‌ன‌வு க‌ண்டேனேடா.. நீ இப்ப‌டி இருக்கியேடா.Son : உன‌க்கு அறிவே இல்ல‌ப்பா.. ஒரே ஆள் எப்ப‌டி எஞ்சினிய‌ரா, டாக்ட‌ரா, வ‌க்கீலா வ‌ர‌ முடியும். This might not have been possible for Sigaamani but Frank William Abagnale Jr made it happen in 1960s. You must be interested inRead More →

Reel rewind – Classics series. It was a bright Sunday afternoon in the early 90s..[ க‌தை சொல்ராறாமாம் 🙂 ] In Doordarshan, after the 1.15PM news for challenged, I was waiting for the national award movie [ Even the newspaper TV schedule shows just as regional film without the title –Read More →

ந‌ம்முடைய‌ க‌தைக்க‌ள‌ம் பிர‌ப‌ல‌ ந‌டிக‌ர்க‌ளை விடுத்து, ந‌க‌ர‌த்தின் பிர‌ம்மாண்ட‌ம் விடுத்து வாழ்க்கையின் எதார்த்த‌ம் தேடிப் போகும்போது தான் தமிழின் அச‌லான‌ திரைப்ப‌ட‌ம் தோன்றும். -‍ “பேசும் ப‌ட‌ம்” செழிய‌ன். None of the 5 star hotels will be able to reproduce the simple irani chai what we have in a simple tea stall [ புத்தி போகுதா பாரு ]. Similarly,Read More →

பூ .. என்ன‌ ப‌ட‌ங்க‌ !! அன்புள்ள‌ …. ….. இதுக்கு மேல‌ என்னால‌ எழுத‌ முடிய‌ல‌. எழுத‌வே முடிய‌ல‌.. நீ ந‌ல்லா இருக்கனும்..அவ்ளோ தான். – மாரிய‌ம்மா. This is one of the best ever written letters in fiction. I am speechless thinking about the story and the way this film was written. I really feel veryRead More →

I remember once, ‘Pudhiya kalacharam’ came up an article with the heading ‘காத‌ல் ப‌ட‌ங்க‌ள்.. க‌வ‌லைப்ப‌டு ச‌கோத‌ரா !’ – the period where ‘Kaadhal kotai’ started a trend of ‘Kaadhal’ films. I have been watching since the early TRajendar peak periods – whenever a character talks about love/friendship to the 4thwall [Read More →

Time to blow the speakers..Baby !! It’s just another category of music. It’s not necessary that we always look for soothing melodies and it’s time for some “JING BANG” music. 1. Aathichoodi. Film: TN07 4777Singer : Vijay Antony, Dinesh KanakarathnamMusic by : Vijay AntonyChoreographer : ShobiLyrics : Thevai illai 🙂Read More →

ஒரு ந‌ட்பு .. ஒரு காத‌ல்.. சில‌ துரோக‌ங்க‌ள். In 1985, 3 different films of great directors came simultaneously with surprisingly the same story line – A middle aged man’s extra-marital friendship with another girl. Sindhu bhairavi [ Nov-11-1985 : KB ], Mudhal mariyaadhai [ Jan-01-1985 : BR ] and Chinna veeduRead More →

Fine entertainment from the Sharks and Rockers teams. When did you laugh out loud while watching a movie ? If you can’t remember, just watch this movie, even if you have watched it already. Luckily, in Tamil cinema industry, we have so many good films based on humour. One suchRead More →

No man’s land. ” The war was never a good subject for a feature film. But frankly, my deepest opinion is it’s not the subject that matters, it’s the way you treat the subject that matters.” – Director Danis Tanovic. History always have specific pieces of land in dispute, whereRead More →