Anjaathey – Hidden thoughts and knots.

This is not going to be a film review. Instead, I just listed the observations.

* No computer graphics were used in the entire movie.. Mysskin [ Mys ] asks why do we need CG for a movie.. Fourth-wall blinks without answers.

* Naren’s character gets introduced without any footwear [ to symbolise that he is such an irresponsible rogue ]. His transformation happens after the “paati” episode. Once they know that the guy has died in the bike, camera travels away from the characters. [ Normally they go closer to the happening/victim ].

* Pandiarajan – A character which always be in a frightened state, being in the wrong occupation. Even in the beautiful scene with only legs shown on screen, he wears the wrong set of footwear. He sings in Kathaza kannala song because to hide his fear and plan to close Dhaya.

* Mys was so keen not to expose vulgarly the lady who danced for K.Kannala song. Mys gives a lead to this song.. innaiku nadakura partyla.. kind of dialog.. audience were reluctant to have a song in that part of an interesting story. With this, he breaks the cheap image of “gaanaa” fame 🙂

* The mother characters were selected appropriately and used it at the right time. Kirupa’s mother scolds Sathya’s family with local language.. Sathya’s mother is fair and calm.

* Symbols are cool.. In a hospital scene Kruba walks from light to dark .. meaning getting into evil. The Mottai is a symbol of evil [ metaphor ]. He dies at the end and evil ends there. Money lies along with the body of anyone who dies in the gang. To symbolise wrongly earned money and the path they chose.

* Mys justifies even the origin of the gun Dhaya has.. It’s got from black market of Bihar.. H explained how can a normal guy gets a gun in a movie. Nobody thinks about that.

* Check the BGM.. a lot of cello has been used to increase the intensity of the scenes. They based the BGM basically meant for haunting thriller initially but altered to add sympathy.

* The girl during the investigation wraps her up with blankets – shows the shock of her exposed body in the kidnap event. The girl’s father [Bose ] in tension doesn’t even know his own home phone number.

* The physically challenged sappai character is also well depicted.. he has a family. normally rowdies in film don’t have a family 🙂 [ Remember a Mathan’s joke on a rowdy having a pair of glasses – Vellezhuthu ].

* The childhood photo rudra carries [ after the manasukkul song ] shows that she looks naren on side.. Krupa is tall in it.

* First time a police station is shown as a police station.

* The hospital fight scene is an example of using Takeshi Kitano’s stunt styles. Takeshi shows the impact of a fight not the actual fight.. remember Udhiri pookkall – they show the furiously running river for a fight sequence. and then the post fight scene.

* Climax was cleverly conceived.. the hand fight happens even they carry the gun. it was shown in “face off”. The entire police is diverted towards South and the kidnapper travel in north. This piece comes in ‘Broken Arrow’ movie.

* The character kuruvi always deliver dialogues with a shock.. 5 rubaa kudu, endaa avan ennai suttan. Character biography plays a big role in penning any screenplay.

* Mys sang kannadasan karaikudi song and lent voice to ponvannan(keerthivasan). Keerthivasan is from AGW of Police dep. AGW ??

* Anjaathey was written in an angry mood. Uthra was not in script in the first draft.

* 70-80% were long shots / mid long shots. Close-ups were less. Also, lengthy scenes. Mys sets the audience in the very first beautiful blue sky shot. Let give a break to Antony style of fast cut editing.

* Skater – used to capture the entire lengthy scene with only legs.

* Editing – They followed Takeshi Kitano’s style.. unpredictability is the key. when you expect the scene to be finished, it won’t.

* There’s a shot after Sappai character’s death. The camera revolves around a qualis with characters in it.. Police approach the vehicle .. Nobody is in [ actually, these 3 events happen at different timings ]. But these 3 different events were shown in a single shot as if it happens simultaneously [ cut twice ]. Time and Space !!

If you want to really experience, MOSERBEAR has released the DVD for Rs.50/ -. You can have a second look and the DVD has a bonus interview of Mysskin talking about the movie. [ Some of them are given here ].


  1. Great review…a very keen observation when many tend to grasp the finer aspects of narration.

  2. Visu, i watched “Anjathey” twice.once with our gang and second time after they left, same night.ur review has created the curiosity to watch it again with my family and observe the nuances u have mentioned. i think it wud become pretty regular to watch all good movies recommended by you, second time because i watch a movie as an entertainment purely with the perspective of a gallery audience.u are giving a connoisseur’s view of appreciating the movie!
    kindly give some review of Dasavatharam, Padikkathavan, subramaniapuram,paruthi veeran, chennai 28,…

    i know it would take a lot more than being a friend of Mys to appreciate the art of movie making and as well as understanding the thought process of director/script writer.for mere mortals like me, ur review(s) wud be a guide in search of good cinema.thanks!

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