Ameer Sultan’s Saga – Paruthi Veeran.

Ameer Sultan's Saga - Paruthi Veeran.

Paruthiveeran received 2 national awards. One for actor Priyamani and other one is ?

The scope of a film is determined by the impact it makes on us. Most of the movies continue the impact for one night and then diminishes slowly. Very few movies make a lasting impact and make Toto to think for a longer time. One such brilliant piece is Paruthiveeran. Everyone knows about the story and Toto would like to get the sweet spots of the movie.

– Opening : This movie starts right from the frame where ‘studio green’ logo appears with a sparkling music [ Paruthiyur Ochaandamman kovil thiruvizha ]. Ameer, once said we have heard the film music of villages but not the actual music of village. This movie does the village percussion at its natural best.


The fine point everyone wonders that it’s a montage song for titles and the festival. If you watch closely, all the characters are introduced in the song along with their characterization, including douglas and the 2 relative persons of muthazhagu. [ Kazhuva Servai smiles when the eunuchs sing about Devar community ]. This is one of the best montage songs in Tamil [ one more is dhandatti karupaayi from Kaadhal ].

– Trivia time : Thought the movie is set to happen in 2006, no single element of technology has been used [ No cell phones, signal towers, Sun news, computer, bank 🙂 ]. The movie at the maximum has 2 ambassador cars, enfield and yamaha bikes.

– One of the best opening scene for a debut hero, Karthi . Also, watch for the shot when Ameer’s name on screen. It appears colorfully with fireworks.

– Priyamani studies in IX ‘B’ and her teacher justifies the age stating that she spent 4 yrs in the same class. Also, the complexion difference between the young and adult muthazagu is explained in a dialogue.

– They deployed a nice method of using multiple dialogues in the background.. For ex., Muthazgu friends talk about the history class [ Kanmani en kooda cycle-la varratum ], some talks throughout the movie. All the dialogues of kuttichaaku are in this category.. [ nee ennapaa kaathula padam varainjikittu ]. The dialogues are aptly sprinkled with sense of humour.

– Some people reviewed that they don’t like the climax and suggested for alternate climax. Ameer’s answer is review should be done for the film made and not the film could have been made. Cinema is always made for Toto and not for reviewers 🙂 . How true !

– Some anamorphic shots in wide angle cover the rustic look of the locations fully and those shot gloriously enhances the look of the film. Mostly used in the song sequences. Cameraman Ramji did a fabulous job.

– “Kaadhalin deepam ondru” song gets an apt placement in the film. Veeran mentions about radio and not FM.

– The editor did a wonderful job if placing he flashback sequences without disturbing the main story flow and also doesn’t loose in the entire length of the movie [ 2 hrs 40 mins ]. Raja Mohammad got the other national award for his work.

– Sellakka kurathi character is new to Tamil cinema.

– Priyamani got her life time role in this film. 3 best sequences of her are getting beaten up by kazhuvan, getting beaten up by veeran in the pond and the breath taking climax.

– Karthi’s wonderful body language needs a special mention.. One nice sequence is that he goes to Muthazgau’s house for asking her to marry and the climax. He did a splendid work in the dances. Class ! [ Ameer choreographed his steps – loose control 🙂 ]

– I have to mention about ponvannan and Saravanan.. Ponvannan [ Kazhuva Servai tha/pe : Seenikannu thevar ] natural looks with moutache, beard and his characterization was nicely portrayed. Saravanan needs to be mentioned explicitly for his catchy character depiction. Every character in this movie got a link with the story flow.

– Villain is karthi and circumstances.. Every sequence happens accidentally. The moment you see the lorry in the climax, you get a lump in the throat. [ of course, when u watch it second time ].

– Ameer said some of the sequences weren’t actually turned up as he thought and listed that could have been avoided.. cinematic fight with gusthi vaadhyaar disciples, sarigama song, Veeran’s reaction in the climax. As per him, the veeran character doesn’t know how to cry and he stays still.. for cinema it’s changed.

– Yuvanshankar raja’s work is noteable as he just followed the true colours of village music except in duet songs. He slipped up in the climax scene, I think. Other BGMs fil aptly. I like the love theme, whenever Muthzagu tries to look for Veeran.


– Madurai slang was used extensively in this movie and it was very nice. Thirapparvai Madhan said to Ameer said the he could’nt follow the dialogues. Ameer replied that the people can’t speak Chennai Tamil, sir. 🙂

– Have u noticed [ Unaku mattum endaa ippadi 🙂 ]. the director chain Bala-Ameer-Sasikumar have a common charcterization in Pithamagan-Paruthiveeran-Subramaniapuram [ school girl loving a thug and thug has a friend ]. I’m afraid Samuthrakani comes up with one more story like this [ he is the associate in Paruthi veeran and he is the villain in Subramniapuram – Kanagu].


Above all, Ameer says ‘I don’t follow world cinema’ !! No wonder this film was screened in Berlin film festival and appreciated much !

Rajini said to Ameer ‘ idhaan.. idhaan.. idhaan.. idhaan namma cinema.. idhu padamnu solli solraanga..idhu padamillai.. kaaviyam’. I second him.



  1. Ponamthinni character also maintained a great consistency throughout. Right from the scene when these bigshots cornered the small Veeran for kissing Muthalagu till the climax scene he is one scared character, always apprehensive to take decisions, confront a situation etc…

    Polica kalaikkarathellam super comedy….best of madurai dialect.

  2. I have not watched the fil till date because my wife told me the climax wud be too tough for me to watch(thembi, thembi aludhudivanaam!)
    But i cud not resist the opportunity to read most of the screenplay in the book while browsing in Higgin Bothams bangalore(Krishna, Irshaad and Kathir were doing the purchase)!
    May be when we get together next time, we shud watch this film too.Actually, ur narration has increased the urge to watch the film.

  3. Thanks Kathir and Rajan for the comments. Your comments about ponanthinni [Sevvazhairaj] was apt. Even his name is justified in a dialog by Saravanan. He comes in the Virumandi crew too.

    Ameer and Ramji will definitely change your [ Rajan ] screenplay opinion, once you watch the movie.

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