Absolute Power — Neat thriller

Absolute Power — Neat thriller

It’s thriller time.

Clint East­wood is one of the unavoid­able cre­ators like Woody Allen, Hitch­cock when select­ing a film and he rarely dis­ap­points the fan. Absolute power is a polit­i­cal thriller based on a novel and it came out very well on screen. The story involves a con, bur­glary, mur­der, secret ser­vice, daugh­ter, police, busi­ness­man, pri­vate sniper and a top politi­cian [ I can say that ! ]. The char­ac­ter­i­za­tion, pace and the music are the note­wor­thy part of this pic­ture. Though it’s an open sus­pense of who does what, it was taken inter­est­ingly on what hap­pens to who.Excluding the heroic acts of the old hero [ Clint ], it has good events and twists. A thriller movie needs minute detail­ing on petty char­ac­ters [ tele­phone repair­man ], dia­logue [ press con­fer­ence ], frames like the sign­board in hill­top and alibi of how a case gets resolved as against in real­ity. Ear­lier Clint and Gene Hack­man played oppo­site roles in UNFORGIVEN; it con­tin­ues here too. Grip­ping nar­ra­tion and jus­ti­fied events make this movie a neat thriller movie with apt BGM.abspow

I like the way Clint is prtrayed in his movies like a peace­ful n skill­ful Samurai. His pres­ence jus­ti­fies me enough to for­get about ask­ing ques­tions. [ One more artist is Har­ri­son Ford ]. I request the reader not read the story and loose the fun of cinema experience.



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